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Diablo Immortal: PC Vs Mobile & Which Is Better?

Wondering where you can get the best Diablo Immortal experience on PC or Mobile? This guide will help you make the decision.

Many Diablo Immortal players or upcoming players are looking for the difference in the PC Vs Mobile version of the game. The reason is during the announcement it was said that this game was going to be mobile-only. But now the developers decided to surprise the fans by giving them a PC version as well. And that is where the concerns about the differences in the game come in. So in this guide let us check PC Vs Mobile for Diablo Immortal and find out which is better.

Diablo Immortal PC Vs Mobile


diablo immortal pc vs mobile

There are two main differences in both versions of the game. And they are about the controls and HUD. The story and other mechanics are similar to each other. Do remember at the time of writing this article the PC version of the game is Open Beta. Now, let us check them both out:

  • Controls
    • The Mobile version of the game has on-screen controls while supporting the use of a gamepad. Upon connecting the gamepad the players can move their character using the joystick and use skills with the different buttons of the controller.
    • The PC version follows the standard WASD controls while also allowing the players to use their controller. Thus if you have been playing the games from this series it should make you feel at home.
  • HUD
    • As mentioned before during the game’s announcement the developers decided the game will be a Mobile only. Thus the biggest change the PC players have received is the scaled-down smaller HUD. This is to allow the players to enjoy the size of their screen while still being able to use the features of minimap, abilities, etc. to the fullest.


Now that you know the major differences, let us check the answer to which is better.

Which is Better?

There is no better version of this game as both PC and Mobile versions serve their different purposes. If you have already played any of the games from this series in the past then you should go for the PC version. And if you don’t have a good PC or would like to give the series a try then the Mobile version should do the trick.


Although, the Mobile version does have one advantage over the PC and that is its portability. Since it is on your phone you have more freedom to play this game when it comes to your free time. While the PC version, you can only play at your home. Unless you play on a laptop which still has more or less the same restrictions.

That covers this guide on Diablo Immortal PC Vs Mobile and which is better. If you start playing this game and need some other help then you should check our guides on how to change skills and how to upgrade gear.