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Lost Ark: Is It Pay To Win?

Is Lost Ark Pay To Win? Find out in this guide.

Lost Ark is an amazing MMORPG that a player can enjoy. Being an MMORPG, there are many Tasks, Quests, Dungeon Raids, etc that the players will be doing. As is the nature of MMORPGs, there are ways of getting Content quicker in the game through monetary micro-transactions. Almost all Freemium games have this feature and so does Lost Ark. Does that make Lost Ark P2W? Can you beat the game with your Credit Card? In this guide, I will explain whether Lost Ark is a Pay To Win Game or not.

Is Lost Ark Pay To Win (P2W)?

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Is Lost Ark Pay to Win? Before we can answer this question, let’s find out what Pay to Win means. P2W is a term used in games where if a player spends a consistent stream of money, can gain an insurmountable advantage over other players. This advantage is usually an unfair edge that ruins many games. That said, many players have a different opinion on P2W depending on the context. TLDR, P2W means to win in any shape or form, against players or not, in a game by spending a large sum of money or a steady stream of money. Now that’s out of the way, is Lost Ark P2W? Well, there is a Yes and a No, it all depends on the player.

P2W aspects of Lost Ark

P2W usually refers to the advantages gained in a PvP environment. If a player can beat another player by spending in the game, it is P2W. In that regard, Lost Ark is NOT PAY TO WIN. The PvP system in Lost Ark caps the level of Players so there is no real advantage in spending money. That’s the No part done, here is the Yes part & why Lost Ark is P2W. Although PvP is unaffected by IRL money, the rest of the game is. Players that would take months to complete & grind for gear can get it in a day if they spend that much money.

Individual Player Progression is accelerated which in turn is the Win aspect of the Pay. You paid and won by being ahead of the curve. Does it affect other players no, not directly at the very least. Does it give you an edge in your current level, 100%.  This is a definition of P2W to other Players. This can affect other players in the long run, especially since Lost Ark has a Shared World. Your actions do affect other players, the question is do you care enough about it? Lost Ark is a fun game, no doubt about it, but no game is without flaws.

Is Lost Ark Pay To Win? In PvP No, in PvE Yes. It all boils down to who you are as a player and do you care enough to be better than other Players. This was all about where Lost Ark is P2W. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Get World Tree Leaves in Lost Ark.