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Lost Ark: How To Get World Tree Leaves

This guide will show you how to get World Tree Leaves in Lost Ark.

World Tree Leaves are an important resource in Lost Ark. This can be acquired by doing your Trade Skill activities in the game. The higher the life skill level, the better the chance that you have of a World Tree Leaf randomly appearing. All of your trade skills give you a chance to gain the reward of a world Tree Leaf in the game. In this guide, we will show you how to get the most of these Leaves in Lost Ark easily.

How to Get World Tree Leaves in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark How To Get World Tree Leaves

As mentioned above, you can get World Tree Leaves in Lost Ark by doing all kinds of trade skills. Here are the different skill activities that you can do in the game:

  • Foraging
  • Logging
  • Mining
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Excavating

As of now, all of these skills have the chance of getting you ten World Tree Leaves per trade skill school. Which means that you can get a total of sixty World Tree Leaves. We hope to see more leaves in future patches as well.

What are the Rewards for World Tree Leaves?

Collection of World Tree Leaves doesn’t really reward you with much. They simply work as a boost to your life skills. For those of you interested in foraging, mining, logging, hunting, fishing or excavating, these rewards are mainly for you.

Collect these rewards from any of the main cities in the game. Simply search for a merchant with the World Tree Leaf icon to redeem the same. Here are the rewards that you can get for your efforts to get these leaves in the game:

  • 12 World Tree Leaves – Faint Ore Charm which can be upgraded to Faint Citrine at 36 leaves and then later to Silent Citrine at 48 leaves.
  • 18 World Tree Leaves – Adept Craft Kit
  • 24 World Tree Leaves – Masterpiece # 11
  • 30 World Tree Leaves – Transformation: Rabbit

This was your guide on how to get World Tree Leaves in Lost Ark. If you liked this article then check out this one on how you can get the Cerberus Mount in Lost Ark.