How To Pause In Jagged Alliance 3 (Active Pause Mod)

Pausing the game is not an active feature of Jagged Alliance 3. But, here's how you can still pause the game for taking breaks.

Are you looking for an option to Pause Jagged Alliance 3? Unfortunately, it seems that there is no way to take a break and regroup with your Mercenaries. On multiple occasions, you will run into enemies who will show no mercy to you. In such instances, all you need is just enough time to form effective countermeasures to hit back. Despite not being an active in-game feature, there’s a way through which you can pause this game. But for that, you’ll have to install an Active Pause Mod.

Disclaimer: Using Mods without having the basic know-how can cause harm to your PC. Hence, we suggest you move ahead at your own risk.

How to Use Active Pause Mod in Jagged Alliance 3

First things first, you’ll need to download and install the Active Pause Mod for Jagged Alliance 3. After adding this mod, all you need to do is press the Space Bar key. Doing so will instantly pause the game for you. However, keep in mind that this Mod is still under development. So your game can go responsive or even crash in the worst-case scenario while using this Mod.

Jagged Alliance 3 Active Pause

For now, using this mod is the only way to Pause Jagged Alliance 3. We can expect Haemimont Games to add the pause feature in future patch updates. Till then, using this mod is your only way out. This mod worked for most players as they were able to avail its benefit. Thanks to the Active Pause Mod, they were able to plan strategies to hit back and hit harder on their ambushers.

Now that you know how to Pause in Jagged Alliance 3, be sure to make the most out of the given time out. Besides this, if you have any doubt about Selling Weapons and Items in Jagged Alliance 3, then make sure to check out our Guide on it. Also, for more such content, head over to our Jagged Alliance 3 section right here at Gamer Tweak.