How To Parry Successfully In Mortal Shell

Parry is a strong close combat move in Mortal Shell, it is ideal to restore some health when you are dealing with tougher enemies.

Parry in Mortal Shell can be used to not only deflect enemy attacks but you can also regain some amount of health by successfully parrying. If you would like to know how to parry attacks in Mortal Shell, check out the rest of this article.

How To Parry In Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell prides itself on being a difficult game as it draws inspiration from the Dark Souls series, parrying works a bit differently in Mortal Shell and isn’t available right from the start.

You will have to complete the tutorial part of Mortal Shell and proceed ahead until you meet up with Sester Genessa. From here head towards the Tower in the swamp and here talk to the large creature who will offer you a Tarnished Seal emblem.

  1. You can only parry in Mortal Shell if you have the Tarnished Seal emblem, once you have that all you need to do is press F on PC, L1 on PS4, or LB on your Xbox One controller to parry attacks.
  2. Now that you know what to do to parry, you should also check out when to parry so that it can be successful, parrying attacks is more about timing and if you miss that window you will be dealt with a heavy blow.
  3. You certainly won’t be able to parry successfully on your first try and it will take a couple of attempts, basically, what you need to do is press the parry button half a second before the enemy can strike you.
  4. Successfully parrying attacks will knockback your opponents and you can then follow up with a counter-attack of your own.
  5. If you wish to regain health by parrying attacks in Mortal Shell, you will need Resolve. You can check if or not you have Resolve by looking just above the health bar of your character.
  6. The small yellow line represents Resolve and if you have to Resolve the Tarnished Seal emblem will start glowing, if you successfully parry at this time, it will give you a certain amount of health back.

This can be a useful trick to regain lost health as you will be hard-pressed to find consumables in Mortal Shell, one thing to keep in mind is the fact that you cannot parry unblockable attacks, your Tarnished Seal emblem will let you know just before your enemy is about to strike one and you should dodge out of the way to safety.

While parrying attacks is important, it has a steep learning curve that you will need to invest in the game to learn and perfect. This is all that you have to know about how to parry attacks in Mortal Shell.

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