V Rising Paper Farm: Best Locations To Find Resource

Here is how you can farm paper fast in V Rising.

In V Rising, Paper is a much-needed resource that will come in handy in multiple crafting recipes, so it’s crucial to have a good amount of it with you. While you can obtain it via drops after defeating small enemies, you might want to know some places where you can go to get this item pretty quickly. Don’t worry, in this article we will show you the best locations to find and farm paper in V Rising.

Best Locations to Find and Farm Paper in V Rising

Where to Farm Paper in V Rising

Finding paper is not very difficult – you just need to search specific spots where you can find and farm enemies for it. They will drop Paper as loot and you will be able to collect tons of it as you go. Here is a list of some of the best places to farm paper in V Rising. You are sure to find enemies easily in the Farbane Woods. And more specifically in the following locations:

  • Bandit Logging Camp
Bandit Logging Camp
Map credit: Map Genie
  • Bandit Stronghold
Bandit Stronghold
Map credit: Map Genie
  • Bandit Trapper Camp
Bandit Trapper Camp
Map credit: Map Genie

But be careful! Make sure to only go to the above places if you are of the following levels or more or you will not win against your competitors. Players must be at a Gear Level of 20+ before attempting to farm paper in the Bandit Logging Camp and Bandit Stronghold. While they must be at a Gear level of 30+ before attempting to farm paper in the Bandit Trapper Camp when playing this game.

Where to Find Scrolls in V Rising

If you want to find scrolls to get paper from instead, you can go to the following locations in the Dunley Farmlands:

  • Militia Camps
  • Militia Encampments
  • Dawnbreak Village
  • Mosswick Village
  • Dunley Monastery

You can always find scrolls in chests and by breaking barrels as well as crates. They are also dropped by enemies here as rewards. Make sure that you are at least a Gear Level 15 before going to these places though! You can even use Vermin Slaves that can give you fire and garlic resistance as you go.

We hope that you enjoy your journey to farm paper now as you find tons of this plant-based resource in V Rising. Let us know how the search goes for you. In the meantime, if looking for paper is too tiresome then check out this article on how to make paper in V Rising.