What To Do If Palworld Pals Not Working Once You Leave Base?

There are a few factors behind why your Pals are not working when you leave your base. It does not necessarily mean that there is a bug. Our guide will explain all possible reasons why this could happen.

Your Palworld Pals are arguably the most important asset that you can have in this survival crafting game. They can do a bunch of jobs for you in and around the base that will make your life easier. However, what happens when you leave your base? Do they stop doing the work you have given them? Many players have encountered a strange issue and are wondering why are Palworld Pals not working when not in base.

While this could be a bug, there are many reasons why this would happen to you. Understanding the problem is a part of the solution and if you want your Pals hard at work even if you have to leave the base, our guide will explain everything you will need on this matter.

Why are Palworld Pals Not Working When Not in Base?

Why are Palworld Pals Not Working When Not in Base
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There could be many reasons that surround the issue of why are Palworld Pals not working when not in base. We have summed up a possible list of problems and solutions for you to check out.

Pal with No Work Suitability

Each Pal has a specific Work Suitability and they won’t be acquiring fresh new ones at the start. If you see a Pal not working, it’s best if you check whether it can do the job you want them to do. Considering the Work Suitability while assigning any job is an important step that players need to keep in mind.

Check the Work Suitability Level of Pals

Work Suitability levels lie from Level 1 to Level 4. If there is a Level 4 Work Suitability job that you assign to a lower level Pal, chances are that it won’t do the work. Keeping the level of Work is really important since you cannot expect a level 1 Mining Pal to get you anything but Stone.

Pal Stuck in Building

If you have the structures in your base in close proximity, chances are that the Pals will get stuck. This has been one of the issues that numerous players have faced. If that is the case, you can dismantle a few buildings and make your base a little wider for the Pals to move around freely.

Pals are Sick

If you are Pals are ailing from one of the 10 Status Ailments in the game, they will stop working and you can see the status under the Pal. Since you are Pal is suffering, you will have to make the correct medicine for this ailment and make sure that they get some proper sleep.

Pal is on a Break

It could be possible that the Pal is on a break when you enter the base or if you check their status. Since they need to eat when hungry and sleep when it is tired, it’s possible that this could be the case. However, if the same thing keeps happening, it might be due to some bug.

If you have encountered a bug, it’s best that you restart the game and check again. The issue might be persistent and while that is the case, you should contact Palworld Support to report the same.

That’s all we have on Palworld Pals not working when not in Base. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other Palworld guides right here at Gamer Tweak.