Paladins Codes (June 2024)

Here's a quick guide covering how to get and redeem Paladins code in 2023.

Paladins is a popular free-to-play online hero shooter video game developed by Evil Mojo. Initially, it was only for Windows, PS4, and Xbox One but later it was also released for Nintendo Switch. If you are here then you are probably looking for Paladins promo codes that can get you free skins and radiant chests for free.

Apart from providing an updated list of Paladins codes, we will explain what Paladins codes are and how you can easily redeem these codes and get a lot of rewards.

What Are Paladins Codes?

Paladins codes are nothing but a way to get a lot of gifts for free. These codes are officially released by the developer of the game, Evil Mojo. Ever since the game was released way back in 2018, the developer of the game revealed dozens of Paladins codes but only a few of them can be redeemed.

Notably, all Paladins codes that we have mentioned here are applicable for all gaming platforms such as PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The best and easiest way to get Paladins codes is to follow the game’s official social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).

List Of All The Latest Paladins Codes – June 2024

Upon redeeming active Paladins codes, you will get exclusive skins and radiant chest rolls for free in 2024. If you really want to get exclusive rewards by using Paladins codes then be sure to redeem these codes as quickly as possible.

At the time of updating this post, the following Paladins codes were 100% working. However, if you find any of the following codes are outdated and expired, do let us know in the comment section below.

Active Codes

The following Paladins codes are active and can be redeemed right now. No new code has been added this month now.

  • APXRCRCBD47071212: Redeem this code for a Radiant Chest Roll.
  • APXSFCAEB58D71212: Redeem this code for Infernal Series.
  • AZDRCXYYF67872018: Redeem this code for a unique skin.
  • WAXHZZDFF54672017: Redeem this code for a unique skin.
  • AZDRCRCFS42272018: Redeem this code for a skin.
  • PBEB16F4B4EB60909: Redeem code for a unique skin.
  • PBEB039513B260909: Redeem code for a unique skin.

Expired Codes

The following Paladins codes are expired. They cannot be used anymore.

  • PBEB16F4B4EB60909
  • PBEB039513B260909
  • PCSY18FE15DEE60711
  • PBEB3DF4B4EB60909
  • PCBC1E975BA7360719

How To Redeem Paladins Codes in 2024?

Redeeming Paladins codes is straightforward. If you don’t know how to redeem promo codes in Paladins then follow these simple steps.

  • Open Paladins
  • Go to the in-game Store.
  • Go to the last page (Store – Account), There you will find ‘Redeem Code’.
  • When you click on ‘Redeem Code’, a new window will pop up on the screen asking you to enter the code.
  • You will have to enter the code that you want to redeem and get rewards.

Where To Get Paladins Codes in 2024? 

There are multiple ways to get your hands on the Paladins code but the easiest one is to follow the game’s official page on Twitter and Facebook. You can get the latest code on their YouTube channel. Apart from that, the developer of the game provides the latest codes on their official website.

If you don’t want to follow their official pages then be sure to bookmark this page because we will update this list when new Paladins codes become available.

That’s everything you need to know about Paladins codes. While you are here, check out other Roblox codes with Gamer Tweak.