How To Unlock The Palace In A Pool In Genshin Impact?

Do you want to know how you can unlock the highly-coveted Palace in a Pool domain in Genshin Impact? Read this article to learn how you can do so!

The Palace in a Pool is a domain in Genshin Impact that you can unlock after completing a series of puzzles. It is part of the game’s 2.1 update which is full of new and unique quests, mysteries, and other such content. In this article, we will show you how to get this domain.

How to Unlock Palace in a Pool in Genshin Impact?

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To unlock the Palace in a Pool domain in Genshin Impact, you will need to go to the Suigetsu Pool Island. This island is located quite close to the Sangonomia Shrine. When you reach this location, you will see a huge circular pool. This pool will be surrounded by 4 Electro Totems. Behind these Totems, you will find Electro Probes that will be fully lit.

You should now look for a statue with a blue orb located at the top. Once you find it, pay your respects to it. After you do so, you will see four shapes floating around in the air. These shapes will resemble butterflies. Behind one of the Electro Totem, you will see a cliff, on which you should find a tree that has been cut, with a purple Electrograna on top of it. You will now have to summon the Electrograna and use it to electrify all of the four Probes.

When you summon the Electrograna, you need to remember that they will disappear after a short amount of time. You will need to head back and summon the Electrograna all over again from the same cut tree. To light up all four probes, you will most likely have to summon the Electrograna twice.

Once a probe has been electrified, you will see a purple highlight around it. You will be able to unlock all of the Totems once all the Probes have the purple highlight. Also, to unlock the probes, you need to make sure all the totems are electrified. This is important because the Totems tend to run out of charge quite quickly.

Once you complete this process, you should apply the Electro Attacks with your bow to all of the Totems. By doing so, you will bring down the level of water that is inside the pool.

You can now dive into the pool. You will see a red sign here. Swim in the opposite direction to this red sign, and keep swimming until you find a hatch next to a tree. You should climb up this tree and then head into a room. This room will have a few slimes that you will have to kill. Once you do so, turn the three keys shaped like a rhombus on the walls. Doing so will open the door in the room.

As you begin to leave this room, you will find a tree that is stuck to the wall on your right. Use this tree and the bricks of the wall like a ladder to climb up. Climbing will get you to an edgy surface, from which you will need to jump to the opposite side. Here, you will find a switch to reduce the level of the pool’s water level a little more. Now, you can pull down the lever located next to the door. Once you do so, jump into the pool from the tower. You will now be able to open the door with the red sign.

This is how you can unlock the Palace in a Pool domain in Genshin Impact. As you can see, this process can be a little complex and tricky. But, as long as you follow the right steps, you will be able to unlock it quite easily!

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