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Pac-Man 99: How To Increase Speed

Here's how to increase speed in Pac-Man 99.

Pac-Man 99 has released on Nintendo Switch and you can join your friends to enjoy it together. As its name suggests, you play with up to 99 players and it still follows the original “maze chase” format. With Nintendo Switch Online you will be competing in battle royale mode. You need all the boosters you can use to stand out, the best among these being the increased speed. So let’s look at how to increase speed in Pac-Man 99.

How to Increase Speed in Pac-Man 99?


To increase speed in Pac-Man 99 you need to either use Speed Power-Up (using the A button) or by eating every single dot in the maze before eating the cherry fruit. The maze will be repopulated as soon as you eat the fruit, so don’t do it unless you are able to master controlling your Pac-Man at high speeds.

How to Increase Speed in Pac-Man 99

On the left side of the labyrinth, there is a speed meter. When you begin to consume dots, this will begin to rise. This is set to zero at the start of a game. You can keep increasing your speed until you’re able to control Pac-Man’s speed, or till you hit the max speed limit.


You can also use the powers on the left side of the screen to accelerate yourself. When you eat a Power Pellet, pressing the A button doubles the movement speed, allowing you to easily traverse the maze. Also, keep in mind your attack will be decreased by 75% while using this speed power-up. So it’s up to if you need to use this power-up or not.

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