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Outriders Wreckage Zone Location In Legacy Quest

Want to know the Wreckage Zone location in Outriders? Know where to find it in this guide.

The Wreckage Zone in Outriders has been well explained in parts of Journal Entry as a remote region on the other side of the lake that encompasses approximately the eastern half of the First City as well as what was once the Industrial Zone. When the Flores’ engine melted down, it irradiated the entire field. The Wreckage Zone’s husks of old buildings are inhabited by various creatures. Only explored by the suicidal and desperate ones. So today let’s try to understand what and where is the Wreckage Zone in Outriders.

What is the Wreckage Zone?


The Wreckage Zone in Outriders is a location that players will have to first visit during the ‘Mentor’ quest. The players will be required to look for the wreckage zone as part of the Outriders Mentor quest. The rewards for completing this main quest are 1000 EXP. You need to be at level 13 to complete this quest as it is recommended.

What is Wreckage Zone Location in Outriders

Where is Wreckage Zone Location in Outriders?


To find the Wreckage Zone in Outriders you must advance through the campaign before you are prompted to go to Corrigan’s Citadel. After that, talk with Jakub and proceed from the Citadel to the Wreckage Zone. You won’t be able to access this area until you pass this stage in the campaign.

Many players find this particular Zone locked when they immediately started the Outriders Legacy quest in Trench Town. The quest requires you to “Search for Monique in the Wreckage Zone”, whereas the location might be locked for you on the map. But don’t worry it’s very easy to unlock Wreckage Zone. Go on with the main quest in Trench Town before you’re told to go to Corrigan’s Citadel. After that, speak with Jakub and travel to the Wreckage Zone from the citadel. This will give you the opportunity to complete both the Main Quest as well as the Legacy Side Quest in Outriders.

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