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Outriders: How To Increase Firepower And Weapon Damage

In this guide, we will give you tips and tricks to increase firepower and weapon damage in Outriders

In Outriders, Firepower and Weapon damage are the stats you need in your favor. These are one of the most important stats within the game. Investing time in increasing them will definitely give you game-changing results. Now the trick to increasing these is not universal among classes. It will be unique to each class. So here in this guide, we will tell you how to increase your firepower and weapon damage.

How to Upgrade Firepower and Weapon Damage in Outriders

Trickster Firepower Weapon Damage

Firepower is a stat that affects the damage dealt. The higher the firepower the more the damage. The firepower is made out of 2 components: the base power and the gear and weapon stats. The base power is at 300 for base-level weapons and the latter changes depending on what weapons, mods, and armor is equipped. So in short, increasing your weapon damage will increase your firepower. The more you spend time changing your weapon and armor build, the more you can increase your firepower.

To improve weapon damage, the most obvious way is to craft and level up your gear. Preferably get a tactical AR which is very easy to find and use mods that are specific to your class which would increase the weapon damage stats. You can click on the mod or the weapon which will show you the percentage increase in the damage dealt and will reflect on your firepower stat once equipped. Firepower can be further increased by advancing your skills and skill trees. For example, the Twisted Rounds skill for Trickster will increase your Fire Power.

Outriders is all about those kills and these stats need to be increased as much as you can. So that is all for this guide on how to gain more firepower and weapon damage. If you would like to obtain Tier 3 Mods, check out our guide on How To Get Tier 3 Mods In Outriders.