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How to Get The Death Shield in Outriders?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Death Shield shotgun in Outriders.

Like any Looter- shooter the core of Outriders is its diverse weaponry. Death shield shotgun is the perfect example of it. In the last batch of humans fighting a different race on an alien planet, the setting is perfect but what elevates the game is the weaponry and skills. Death shield is one such shotgun available in the game, not many players know about it so getting it in your inventory will give you an upper hand. Stick till the end to find out how you can get the Death shield in Outriders.

How to get the Death Shield Shotgun?


How to get the Death shield in Outriders

The Death Shield shotgun is a legendary-grade weapon.  No matter which of the four classes you play in legendary-grade weapons makes it a lot easier. We know the chance of getting Legendary grade weapons increases with every Tier. Players can find the Death shield in Tier 11. Once you defeat the final boss in Tier 11 you get the Death shield shotgun as a drop.

Like every other skin or weapon in Outriders Death shield also looks badass. While we know all that glitters is not gold that is certainly not the case with the Death shield shotgun.  Death shield is one the best shotguns with a very long range and a reload time of only 2 seconds. To use the Death shield in the most optimum way players will need to use high-end armor mods.


Coupled with the Fortress mod the Death Shield will give you give an extra 43% damage bonus, remember that this is not just a weapon damage bonus so you get a 43% bonus on all damage.  The Striga mod when used with the Death shield shotgun gives you 50% of the critical damage back as health within a second of recoil time. We would recommend you to use the Death shield shotgun with different armors to know which helps you use the gun to its optimum best.

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