RE Village – All Outhouse Locations & Items In It

Here is the location of every outhouse in the village and what is inside them.

Outhouse is a small cabin in Resident Evil Village. There are ample of them in the village area, and once you are in the Castle you will get a chance to return. But before you will have to deal with Lady Dimitrescu and her three daughters. You will reach a spot with multiple gates which leads to the different lords of RE Village.

This Outhouse has some free supplies, so why not exploring them before the boss fights. Because once you defeat the sea monster and enter into a different region you won’t be able to return to this place until you are done with the game. In this guide, I will share all the outhouse locations in a village along with what you can find in it.

Outhouse Locations and Items

I am marking down the locations of houses with supplies. Ignoring the empty one there is no need to visit.

Outhouse 1: Chem Fluid

RE Village Outhouse 1

After talking to Elena jump from the broken wall on right and there is an outhouse in the area. It has a Chem fluid that will be used for crafting med kit, the healing potion.

Outhouse 2: Gun Powder

For this outhouse, you will have to first escape the castle. This includes finding four Masks to unlock the Castle door to the roof. Then fighting Lady Dimitrescu and finally coming out. You will also get a Winged Key, which can be later upgraded to a Two, Four, and Six Winged key.

Above are the locations of all winged keys in Resident Evil Village. Just in case you need references. Back to the guide, exit the castle, and then before you cross the bridge there is an outhouse on the right. Jump out from the window and look for a small cabin on the left. Grab the gun powder from there.

Outhouse 3: Lockpick

RE Village Outhouse 2

You will have to return to the village towards the gate which requires an Iron Signia key. there is a small cabin on the left of the region with a lock pick inside it. Be ready to fight an armored lycan here.

Outhouse 4: Large Crystal

RE Village Outhouse 4

To access this, you will have to walk over the roof. Look for a small ladder and you will see some chickens running around. Kill them will give you meat, and there is a cabin in the area with a large crystal. You can sell this to Duke.

Outhouse 5: Photo of Strange Bird

RE Village Outhouse 6

For the next Outhouse, you will have to unlock the gates that lead to the house of Doll Maker. There is a small cabin at the back of the house which has this photo in it.

Outhouse 6: Chem Fluid

RE Village Outhouse 5

Behind the house which has controls to the dam doors, also the house where you will find Duke has a cabin in the back. This outhouse has chem fluids.

We will be updating more RE Village outhouse locations and what is inside them in this guide. Till then do not forget to go through our RE Village Wiki guide for more tips and tricks.