Outerplane Tier List & Reroll Guide (2023)

Shreyansh Shah
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Looking for an Outerplane Tier List & Reroll guide? Although the mobile game is quite new, the gacha feature makes it even more interesting for players. However, you would want to have the best heroes in your team and this tier list will help you sort out the best amongst the mid. Since tier lists are based on a lot of factors, it is likely that our choices might not match. However, these are the best characters that are going forth with. If you don’t get the ones you want, you can always reroll with this guide and try again.

Outerplane Tier List

Best Outerplane Heroes Tier List & Reroll

Since the game is quite new, we might bring changes to this tier list later or if a new hero is added anytime soon. However, this is the Outerplane tier list that new players can refer to while playing this gacha game. Don’t worry, we have provided how to reroll as well.

S Tier

Here are the S Tier heroes in this tier list:

  • Rin
  • Valentine
  • Saeran
  • Dolly
  • Francesca

A Tier

Here are the A Tier heroes in this Outerplane tier list:

  • Veronica
  • Leo
  • Idith
  • Rhona
  • Kate
  • Snow
  • Maxwell
  • Noa
  • Lisha
  • Alice

B Tier

Here are the B Tier heroes in this tier list:

  • Beth
  • Shu
  • Iris
  • Cindy
  • Tanya
  • Adelie
  • Sofia
  • Marian
  • Alpha
  • K
  • Vera
  • Laine
  • Eliza

C Tier

Here are the C Tier heroes in this Outerplane tier list:

  • Laplace
  • Pesketh
  • Tio
  • Claire
  • Faenan
  • Naru Kang

D Tier

Here are the D Tier heroes in this tier list:

  • Lily
  • Parti
  • Orox
  • Bleu
  • Yuri
  • Fenrir
  • Philia
  • Flamberge
  • Guizam

How to Reroll in Outerplane

Now that you have checked the Outerplane tier list, here’s how to reroll if you don’t pull the heroes you want:

  • Launch Outerplane and then login with a guest account.
  • Make sure you claim all the rewards and use the Outerplane codes after the tutorial is complete.
  • Next, use the gacha mechanic to pull heroes.
  • Now, if you don’t get the heroes you wanted, simply head to Settings and then clear the saved data and then start again.
  • Rinse and repeat the process till you get your characters and then create a permanent account.

That’s all we have from this tier list and reroll guide. Since you like Mobile Games, check out our dedicated section for more such games. While you are here, you can also check out our Guides for more such content here at Gamer Tweak.

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