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Optimized For Series X Logo Out – You Not Going To See This Badge A Lot

Only for the Exclusives

Microsoft revealed Optimized For Series X Logo for games who are either exclusives or optimized for the next-gen gaming console. Twitted through the official Xbox account, the logo will is all ready for upcoming games. The tweet also shared a spoiler saying “you are not going to see this badge a lot”, could mean only some games will be optimized for Xbox Series X performance.

Xbox Series X release is predicted for the holiday season, it is the first console to bring out pure 4K 60fps gaming performance at an affordable cost. Microsoft is touting Series X not only in terms of bringing ultra-realistic graphics but also setting it in a price range making it accessible for every buyer.


Xbox Series X is an ultimate upgrade that breaks the regular layout of Xbox consoles. Designed as a larger unit Series X features a standing unit format. The reason behind this new look is reducing the heat inside the console if it is going to deliver pure 4K a designed tweak becomes necessary.

Xbox Series X features a significant upgrade, powered by a custom 12 Teraflops of GPU power, 52 compute units @ 1.825Ghz, this console carries the most powerful graphic processing chip to date. Insiders speculated Xbox Series X will be stronger than PS5.

There are rumors the upcoming Inside Xbox presentation is going to reveal some cool titles as well as more detailed on the console. One among them is a display of Assassins Creed Valhalla on Xbox Series X. The event is scheduled for May 7, 8 AM PT. Stay tuned for more updates.