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Lost Ark Opportunity Isle Guide – Location, Event, Rewards, & More

Here is a Lost Ark guide on the Opportunity Isle & its POIs.

Lost Ark has a wide array of Islands. Most of which are your standard areas while some are event-based and only appear after certain Time intervals. When these event-based Islands spawn, players must rush to them immediately to get the resources from that Island. One such Island in the game is the Opportunity Isle. Upon completing the Quests here, you will receive Pockets that hold Pirate Coins, Seal Tools, Seal Books, etc. In this guide, I will show you how to get to Opportunity Isle in Lost Ark.

Opportunity Isle Guide in Lost Ark


opportunity isle lost ark
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As I have mentioned above, Opportunity Isle is a Calendar Event-based Island that spawns at regular intervals. It is an Adventure Island and it will spawn every 2 hours when the event is on. Opportunity Isle in Lost Ark has only one location that it spawns in which is between Northwest of Arthetine & Southeast of Shushire. So keep a regular check as you will not want to miss completing the Quests on the Island. Once the Island spawns, board it and immediately accept the Quest. This will be Goldfish Catching. It is a Fishing competition where the first 3 players who have caught the most Fish will get Pockets as rewards.

For first place, the player will receive 3 Pockets and for second & third, the players will receive 2 Pockets. Each Pocket can contain Pirate Coins, Silver, Seal Book: Double Point II, Sailor: Slaughter Rondell, Mysterious Leaf Card, Evolution’s Expedition Card, Debris of Time, Seal Tool I, Seal Tool II, & Island of Opportunity Heart Token. Coming first three is pretty worth it so give it your best. After the Quest is over, you can head over to the location displayed in the image above to get the Mokoko Seed.


There are 3 Main Quests that you can and should complete over here. Those being To the world of Fishing, Adding Fun to Fishing, & Reason for the Existence of this Fishing Spot. After completing each of these Quests, you will get 6 Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch, 2 Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Chest, & 30K Silver in total.

This was all about the Opportunity Isle in Lost Ark. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Volare Island Guide in Lost Ark.