How To Open Sarcophagus In Baldur’s Gate 3 (Trap Solution)

Any wrong decision in the Sarcophagus room can burn down your whole party. So check out how you can disarm the traps easily.

To open the Sarcophagus in BG3, you’ll first need to disarm a trap that can burn you & your party down. Players are onto this coffin to obtain the Watcher’s Guide weapon that has a special Death Promise feature to it. But the puzzle you have to deal with in order to get it is not that easy. The trap features 6 grease vents and some gargoyle heads that shoot firey arrows as soon as you open the coffin. And when the grease catches fire, it’ll turn into a huge explosion that’ll surely wipe out your party. But don’t worry there are some ways to disarm the traps & open the Sarcophagus coffin safely in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Disarm Traps & Open Sarcophagus in BG3

Open Sarcophagus in BG3 collect Watcher’s Guide weapon
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To disarm the trap & open Sarcophagus in BG3, you can either cover the vents on the ground with boxes & vases. Or you can simply use the Trap Disarm Toolkit to disable the traps. For a better understanding, below we have explained both methods in detail.

Sarcophagus Room Puzzle Solution

  1. After you open the Heavy Oak Doors in Dank Crypt you’ll come across the Sarcophagus room.
  2. Here, there are 6 grease vents on the ground placed in different locations. To reveal the hidden vents you can use the Perception checks or simply check out the image below.

    How To Open Sarcophagus In Baldur's Gate 3 (Trap Solution) dank crypt bg3 vents location arrows puzzle solve
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  3. Apart from the vents, there are also some gargoyle heads on the wall that release fiery arrows.
  4. To deal with the vents you can simply place boxes or vases on them.
  5. And to disable the arrows, you’ll find a button on one of the pillars on the left side of the room. But do note, you can only use the button after the trap is triggered.
  6. So it seems you’ll first have to cover the vents and then try to loot the Sarcophagus coffin.
  7. And as soon as the trap is triggered, you’ll quickly have to press the button to stop the arrows.
  8. Doing so will allow you to loot the Watcher’s Guide & Engraved Key in peace.

We recommend you do this puzzle on your own and leave your party on the other side of the room just to be safe. But if you find this method tricky, then scroll down for another solution to disarm the traps & open Sarcophagus in BG3 safely.

Trap Disarm Toolkit Method

This is an easy yet risky method that you can use to solve the Sarcophagus puzzle in Dank Cyrpt. Here you simply have to use the Trap Disarm Toolkit & roll 10 difficulty for each of the traps in the room. But do note, if you fail any of them it’ll destroy the toolkit and trigger the trap automatically. However, if you successfully disarm all the traps, then you’ll be able to loot the Sarcophagus coffin without any harm. Don’t forget, there are 6 grease vents on the ground & some gargoyle heads on the wall that can be revealed by using Perception checks.

That covers about all the solutions for the Dank Crypt puzzle to open the Sarcophagus coffin in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3). If you’re not sure about which weapons you should go with, then check out this Best Weapons Ranked list. Also, take a look at the best Builds for each class in BG3.