How To Get Past Mystic Force Curtain In BG3

Unable to open the Mystic Force Curtain in Baldur’s Gate 3? Check out here to learn how to open this magical gate easily.

Bypassing the Mystic Force Curtain in Baldur’s Gate 3 is important if you want to free Hope from Raphael. For those who don’t know, Mystic Force Curtain is a shield protecting Raphael’s Boudoir inside the House of Hope. You need to get past the curtain if you want to get your hands on a powerful weapon and a potential future companion. No spell or potion can make the barrier vanish. Instead, you will have to find someone who can help you with it.

In this guide, we will explain where and how you can find this “someone” and open the Mystic Force Curtain in BG3. So if you have been looking to go through it but couldn’t, here’s your way in and out.

Note: The following guide contains major spoilers about the storyline. So if you are specifically looking for a way to open the Mystic Force Curtain, I suggest you stick to the first few paragraphs.

How to Open or Remove the BG3 Mystic Force Curtain

To unlock the Mystic Force Curtain and make it inside the Boudoir, you will have to find a Boudoir Invitation. It is found inside the Archive Room, located to the west of the House of Hope. The coordinates for the entrance of the Archive are (X:- 6519 Y:- 2922).

Once you are inside, find the Archivist and speak to him. Tell him that you are here for the Hammer (scroll down to learn about Hammer). After that, you can pass a Deception, Intimidation, or Persuasion Check to obtain the Boudoir Invitation from the Archivist.

Now that you have the Invitation go back to the Mystic Force Curtain in BG3. This time, you can click on the curtain, and it will vanish. Then, make your way inside to explore further areas inside the House of Hope.

What’s Behind the Mystic Force Curtain in BG3?

Once you get past the Mystic Force Curtain, you will find an NPC called Haarleep inside the Boudoir. Raphael employs Haarleep so he can fulfill his desires. Agreeing to his conditions will provide you with a key that you can use to unlock Raphael’s Safe. You can also choose to fight and kill Haarleep to obtain the Key.

Anyway, once you have the key, press the button under Raphael’s Painting to access the safe. Inside this safe, you will find a Soul Coin and Raphael’s Notes. The notes contain the magical words required to remove the spell that protects Orphic Hammer. This hammer is required to free Hope from the chains binding her. Orphic Hammer is found in the Archives and is protected by a yellow spell.

So if you want to save Hope using the Orphic Hammer, getting past the Mystic Force Curtain is important in BG3. For more informative guides like this, be sure to check out our dedicated section for Baldur’s Gate 3 on Gamer Tweak.