Should You Open Caravan Strongbox In Baldur’s Gate 3

What happens if you open the Caravan Strongbox in Baldur's Gate 3? Here's everything you must know about it.

Are you curious to know about the consequences of opening the Caravan Strongbox in Baldur’s Gate 3? For those who don’t know, this segment is a part of the Find the Missing Shipment quest. Where you’ll meet 2 Zhent employees known as Rugan and Olly. You can offer them help in delivering the Caravan Strongbox to the Zhentarim Hideout. However, there’s another option that gets you possession of the chest. Since it was meant to be delivered at the Zhentarim Hideout, opening the chest will have repercussions. So take a look below to know if you should open the Caravan Strongbox chest in BG3 or not.

Should You Open the Caravan Strongbox Chest in BG3

Opening the Caravan Strongbox will make the Zhentarims extremely unhappy. So you may lose all the future quests and interactions related to the Zhentarim people. Once you have unlocked the Caravan Strongbox using a Thieve’s Tool, you’ll receive some Gold and an Iron Flask. Do note that the box would still be considered open if you haven’t collected the rewards. Also, the Caravan Strongbox will welcome an uninvited guest for you in Baldur’s Gate 3. Basically, interacting with the Iron Flask will make a creature known as Spectator spawn. And defeating the Spectator does not reward you with anything special.

Should You Open Caravan Strongbox In Baldur's Gate 3
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Besides this, you can choose to be noble and deliver the Caravan Strongbox to the Zhentarim Hideout. By doing so, a Zhentarim associate will be impressed and offer you to work for them. Also, Rugan and Olly will be tortured and killed as they were the ones who were supposed to deliver the package.

Also, you can keep the Caravan Strongbox and divide the profit with the two Zhent agents in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3). However, this will make all the Zhentarim quests unavailable. Rugan and Olly’s existence barely matters in the game so you can go on and deliver the Strongbox to the hideout.

That’s all that can happen if you open the Caravan Strongbox in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3). Apart from this, what would you do if you were asked to Kill or Leave the Owlbear? Check out our Baldur’s Gate 3 section to know the outcomes and solutions to such problems. We have stacked up plenty of helpful guides for you.