On Fire System Is Back In Overwatch 2 With Season 5

Director Arron Keller had previously confirmed bringing back the On Fire system in Overwatch 2, and it is finally here with the game’s Season 5. This system is interesting because not only does it show everyone else that you are playing better than others. But can also make you the enemy’s target. So without further ado, here is what this system is and how it works.

What is the On Fire System in Overwatch 2?

how On Fire and Blazing Works in Overwatch 2

On Fire is a system that tells both teams which player is currently playing exceptionally and is “On Fire”. It was a feature that was originally in the first game. But the game removed it when launching Overwatch 2. And this time they have brought it back with an update and that is the addition of the Blazing State.

How On Fire System Works

Overwatch 2 brings back On Fire system in Season 5

The On Fire system in Season 5 isn’t like what it used to be before. This time when you or any player is playing well they go on a blazing state. And it doesn’t have to be just 1 player on fire. It can show 2 players from each time or the same team who are on Fire as well. You cannot maintain this state as easily as regular Fire. So to keep the blazing heat on, you have to play really well throughout the match. Fire has new animations and visuals this time around. You can check it both on the scoreboard and on the hero portrait.

To catch Fire you have to kill the enemy character that is On Fire. The best part about the new change to this feature is, you don’t have to be just a DPS character to be On Fire. The game will also consider the following things from your play:

  • Contesting (Capturing) Objectives.
  • Damage you Mitigated.
  • Players you saved.
  • Healing and Assisting your teammates.
  • Boosting Damage of your teammates.
  • Crowd Controlling your enemies.
  • Helping out your teammate that is already on Fire to increase your Fire score.

That’s it on everything you should know about the new On Fire System. Be sure to check out our Overwatch 2 section for more such news and other help for this game.