How Does On Demand Texture Streaming For Call Of Duty: Warzone Work?

Find out how the On Demand Texture Streaming works for COD Warzone.

The November 2020 update by Activision introduced something called the On Demand Texture Streaming for Call of duty: Warzone. What On Demand Texture Streaming does in Warzone is it completely eliminates the download of high resolution textures on PC to save space. This in no way affects the resolution of the environment of the game. It only works on weapon models and their textures. Warzone is a huge came and can take up a lot of space on your disk. So to save up space, this feature will help you reduce the size of the game without really affecting the game. It will also save up time for texture pack downloads and the game in general. There however is no effect on the bandwidth with this option.

How does the On Demand Texture Streaming for Call of Duty: Warzone Work?

Texture Warzone

The update is selective about what weapons and textures this is applicable on. Rarely used textures and operators that the players come across are lowered in the resolution. If a high-res texture is used on any of the weapons, it will be streamed the cache of the player’s PC. This On demand Resolution streaming however will only have a significant noticeable change in the game for players that are playing on high resolution. Players will medium or low resolution will not really be affected through it. You can Turn off the on demand texture from the in game Options menu. You can also set a daily cap for your bandwidth usage from the same options menu. This option is currently not available on the console, only PC players have this option.

So that is all there is to it for On Demand Texture Streaming in Call of Duty: Warzone. If you would like to know about the no lag VPN in Warzone, do check out our article on that too.