Omniheroes Heroes Tier List – October 2023 (Valkyries Ranked)

Wondering what heroes to select for your team? Check out this Omniheroes tier list and summon the best.

Use this Omniheroes tier list to summon and use legendary heroes and rescue the captive Valkyries from the Demons. The world awaits your salvation, so assemble your team from over 100 characters. The heroes here are divided into three types of Synergy: Valkyrie, Faction, and Rune. Valkyrie Synergy has Mystifiers, Valiantors, Avengers, Doomsdayers, Ethereals, Glorians and Guardians. Faction Synergy has Dawnbringers, Verdians, Shadowarchs, Celestials, Deviants, and Royals. And lastly, Rune Synergy has Strikers, Protectors, Phantoms, Enchanters, and Monarchs.

Omniheroes Best Characters Ranked (October 2023)

Omniheroes Best Characters Ranked

This Omniheroes tier is divided into six lists: S+, S, A+, A, B, and C. There are over a hundred heroes, we haven’t added all but selected the best from them. So characters from B and C tiers are also worth investing resources. Also, we have mentioned their Faction Synergy and Class to make selection easier for you.

S+ Tier List for Valkyrie

  • Solomon: Shadowarchs – Tank
  • Nyx: Deviants, Royals – Warrior
  • Dorabella: Dawnbringers – Mage
  • Mastema: Deviants, Royals – Warrior
  • Bastet: Shadowarchs – Support

S Tier List of Omniheroes

  • Osse: Verdians – Warrior
  • Baal: Deviants – Tank
  • Salleine: Dawnbringers – Mage
  • Talanis: Celestials, Royals – Mage
  • Persephone: Shadowarchs – Support

A+ Tier Heroes

  • Atropos: Dawnbringers – Support
  • Carola: Shadowarchs – Warrior
  • Lily & Lia: Verdians – Support
  • Elune: Verdians – Warrior
  • Sylvan: Verdians – Warrior

A Tier List for Omniheroes

  • Catrina: Dawnbringers – Warrior
  • Emily: Shadowarchs – Mage
  • Brutus: Shadowarchs – Warrior
  • Doris: Verdians – Mage
  • Merlin: Verdians – Mage
  • Ellie: Shadowarchs – Mage

B Tier Heroes List

  • Themis: Dawnbringers – Warrior
  • Arkdina: Deviants, Royals – Mage
  • Athena: Dawnbringers – Tank
  • Aiushtha: Deviants, Royals – Support
  • Karnak: Celestials, Royals – Warrior
  • Marina: Verdians – Mage

C Tier Valkyrie of Omniheroes

  • Yasuke: Dawnbringers – Tank
  • Franz: Shadowarchs – Mage
  • Albert: Dawnbringers – Mage
  • Hallios: Celestials, Royals – Warrior

This concludes our Omniheroes tier list. So if you found this guide useful, we suggest you check our other tier lists. You can start with Grand Cross Age of Titans best heroes and then check our Undawn Gun ranks.