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Grand Cross Age of Titans Tier List – September 2023 (Best Heroes)

Find out the best heroes from our Grand Cross Age of Titans tier list.

If you are looking for the best heroes in Grand Cross Age of Titans, then our tier list will surely come in handy. The next-gen strategy game features a massive list of heroes which you can use in PvP as well as PvE battles. While troops are basic soldiers, Titans are powerful units with various unique skills of their own. So, if you want to crush your opponents in every battle, you will need to choose the strongest Legendary heroes. Luckily, our list below has ranked each hero in terms of their total damage, unique skills and rarity. Keep reading to find out.

Grand Cross Age of Titans Tier List (September 2023)

best heroes grand cross age of titans

We have prepared a list of the best heroes in the game ranked from best (S tier) to worst (D tier). Without further ado, here is our Grand Cross Age of Titans tier list.

S Tier

  • Arthur
  • Mellibee

A Tier

  • Freyja
  • Haemosu
  • Jeannette

B Tier

  • Claudia
  • Korvo
  • Helga
  • Isaac
  • Ivan
  • Jangseung
  • Kalope
  • Helena

C Tier

  • Fynn
  • Beom
  • Agnes
  • Actaus
  • Valkyrie

D Tier

  • Beli-Mawr
  • Erdel

Best Characters in Grand Cross Age of Titans

The best heroes in Grand Cross: Age of Titans are Arthur and Mellibee. They are from the S tier which is why they are insanely powerful. Both of them are Legendary heroes that are not that easy to get. While Arthur is an Infantry and Attack hero, Mellibee belongs to the Archer and Support class. Arthur’s Lion Roar attack is easily the best active skill in the game right now. While Mellibee’s active skill – Sweet Command – is simply the best as it provides up to 350% circular AoE damage and also increases the basic attack damage by 5% for nearby allies.

If not for the S-tier, you can also pick up heroes from the A-tier as they are solid replacements. Heroes like Freyja, Haemosu, and Jeannette are reliable and capable enough to handle a strong opponent. Alternatively, you can also go for B-tier heroes like Claudia, Ivan, Helena, and the rest. Though not the strongest, you can rely on them in certain scenarios. However, make sure to avoid the C and D-tier heroes as they are quite average due to their weak damage and skills.

With that, we have covered our Grand Cross: Age of Titans tier list. We hope that these rankings were able to help you get the best hero. For more such ratings of your favorite characters from other strategy games, check out our Tier list section.