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Obsidian Entertainment Could Be Working On The Outer Wilds Sequel

Obsidian Entertainment delivered a huge statement after releasing The Outer Wilds which got some rave reviews, and it looks like the developers are onto something huge.


As of right now Obsidian Entertainment is under Microsoft and they have been working on a project named Grounded, but there’s another project that they are working on too which hasn’t been announced.

Phil Spencer spoke about the mystery project on the “End of Year” podcast. The conversation began with Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb talking about going to Obsidian and then continued talking on Grounded before Spencer asked if he had seen what the entire team was working on.

As of right now, there isn’t any clue as to what Obsidian is working on but surely it is a next-generation console project. A recent job posting pointed towards an open-world game that needed a senior technical artist.

This can be a sequel or it might very well be a new game in the long list of amazing games developed by this studio. Time will tell but we will keep you updated on how things pan out from here.

As of right now, Microsoft is keeping everything under the blanket and will announce a few things as the new year rolls over.