NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today (May 2023)

By Nikita
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Here are the NYT Mini Crossword Answers for today. If you solve the New York Times Mini Crossword daily and get stuck while solving the puzzle, be sure to check back here every day for the solutions and cheats. These are small and quick crosswords that you can solve with clues for ACROSS and DOWN and in this guide, we will give you the exact answers you need.

NY Times Mini Crossword Cheats Guide

NOTE: The answers for today’s NY Times Mini Crossword are given below – scroll down only after you have made all your possible attempts at solving!

NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today (May 31, 2023)

  • Sticky stuff on a tree: SAP
  • Destination for cabs in California?: NAPA
  • Long time to wait in line: HOURS
  • Fancy broad tie: ASCOT
  • Most common carnivore in Africa: HYENA
  • See 3-Down: SAUCE
  • Kitchen splatter protector: APRON
  • With 1-Down, marinara, Alfredo or pesto: PASTA
  • All up in one’s business: NOSY
  • “Very funny!”: HAH

NYT Mini Crossword Answers Yesterday (May 30, 2023)

  • Loses hair on top: BALDS
  • French farewell: ADIEU
  • Embers … and a homophone of a department store: COALS
  • Smarts … and a homophone of a rental company: HURTS
  • Airport checkpoint org.: TSA
  • “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor” composer: BACH
  • Score following a deuce, in tennis: ADOUT
  • Fib tellers: LIARS
  • Mouth of a river: DELTA
  • Figure (out): SUSS

NYT Mini Crossword Answers (May 29, 2023)

  • Fiddle (with): FUTZ
  • Reverberating sound: ECHO
  • Element #5 with the symbol B: BORON
  • “Finding ___” (Pixar film): NEMO
  • Roost: NEST
  • Month after Jan.: FEB
  • 2023 N.C.A.A. men’s basketball champs: UCONN
  • This clue’s number: THREE
  • Holds a remote meeting, in 2020s lingo: ZOOMS
  • “___ so fast!”: NOT

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers (May 28, 2023)

  • Super Mario ___ (video game franchise): BROS
  • The “y” axis on a supply-and-demand curve: PRICE
  • Note at the upper end of a soprano’s range: HIGHC
  • Dummy: IDIOT
  • Conducted: LED
  • Person choosing a maid of honor, perhaps: BRIDE
  • By the book: RIGID
  • Spanish for “eight”: OCHO
  • Religious offshoot: SECT
  • “Modern Family” dad: PHIL

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers (May 27,2023)

  • Sign out of one’s account: LOGOFF
  • ___ Gorman, poet who performed at Biden’s inauguration: AMANDA
  • Charming guy?: WIZARD
  • H.S. proficiency exam: GED
  • What a baby starts eating around six months: SOLIDS
  • Out at night: ASLEEP
  • Airport security grp.: THETSA
  • Pennsylvania has one against catching fish with your bare hands, believe it or not: LAW
  • “Wow, wow, wow!”: OMIGOSH
  • Graceful antelope: GAZELLE
  • Watching what one eats, say: ONADIET
  • Prez for whom an N.Y.C. drive is named: FDR
  • Fidget spinners or flash mobbing, e.g.: FAD
  • Day after Fri.: SAT
  • ___ Moines, Iowa: DES
  • Place to get a hot stone massage: SPA

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers (May 26, 2023)

  • *ook off: LEFT
  • Smoo*h, as clo*hes: IRON
  • Ou*se* … or a key for deciphering missing symbols in each clue: START
  • Irri*a*ing cri**er: PEST
  • A* no cos*: FREE
  • Bo**le size: LITER
  • *ake off *he board: ERASE
  • S*reng*h: FORTE
  • Demoli*ion ma*erial: TNT
  • *anning le**ers: SPF

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers (May 25, 2023)

  • Helium’s atomic number: TWO
  • Colossal ___, animal with nature’s largest eyes (12-16 inches in diameter): SQUID
  • Place to store a phone, keys and wallet: PURSE
  • Things that Yoda and Mr. Peanut carry: CANES
  • Billboards display them: ADS
  • Chances to play in a board game: TURNS
  • Learned: WISE
  • Praiseful poems: ODES
  • Pet welfare org.: SPCA
  • College courtyard: QUAD

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers (May 24, 2023)

  • Physicians, for short: MDS
  • Sound of a smoke alarm in need of batteries: CHIRP
  • Kind of eclipse: LUNAR
  • Science suffix: OLOGY
  • Gloomy ___ (grumpy person): GUS
  • Mythological king who had the Labyrinth built: MINOS
  • Pull, or a puff: DRAG
  • Energetic for one’s age: SPRY
  • Plumbing problem: CLOG
  • Streaming service with a green logo: HULU

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers (May 23, 2023)

  • Command or Caps Lock: KEY
  • Slightly open: AJAR
  • Part of a drum kit: SNARE
  • Begin to take off, as a jacket: UNZIP
  • Stage name of Melissa Viviane Jefferson: LIZZO
  • ___ Murphy, portrayer of Alexis on “Schitt’s Creek”: ANNIE
  • Tucson’s state: Abbr.: ARIZ
  • Bank take-back: REPO
  • Be in one’s feelings: SULK
  • Musical adjective worth 23 points in Scrabble: JAZZY

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers (May 22, 2023)

  • Edge of a canyon: RIM
  • What “Moses supposes his toeses are,” in a classic show tune: ROSES
  • Fish eggs: ROE
  • Columns’ counterparts: ROWS
  • Violin bow application: ROSIN
  • Shore bird with a curved beak: IBIS
  • “All the President’s ___”: MEN
  • Gets a Venmo request, say: OWES
  • Suffix with host or heir: ESS
  • Post-shower wear: ROBE

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers (May 21, 2023)

  • What bar patrons and basketball players take: SHOTS
  • Sum amount: TOTAL
  • “Straight ___ Compton” (debut N.W.A. album): OUTTA
  • Completely deplete: USEUP
  • Presidential stints: TERMS
  • Dark beer: STOUT
  • “The ___ always wins” (casino mantra): HOUSE
  • Furry aquatic mammal: OTTER
  • Actor Channing of “Magic Mike”: TATUM
  • Is really good, in Gen Z slang: SLAPS

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers (May 20, 2023)

  • Baby’s bed: CRIB
  • To-do around the house: CHORE
  • It shares a 1,538-mile border with Canada: ALASKA
  • Very much in love: SMITTEN
  • Tidied, as hair: COMBED
  • Ann ___, Mich: ARBOR
  • Word before “in show” or “in class”: BEST
  • A.I. conversation partner: CHATBOT
  • Team listing: ROSTER
  • Annoyed: IRKED
  • The ___, nickname for Chicago’s Cloud Gate sculpture: BEAN
  • Mountaineer’s undertakings: CLIMBS
  • Love, in Italian: AMORE
  • Sign of a wound’s healing: SCAB

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers (May 19, 2023)

  • Old-timey “Holy cow!”: EGAD
  • Big meanie: BRUTE
  • Group of organized workers: UNION
  • With 5-Down, cinema lover: FILM
  • Added logs to, as a fire: FED
  • Bert’s pal on “Sesame Street”: ERNIE
  • Something that’s around a quadrillion times smaller than a speck of dust: ATOM
  • Bear’s lair: DEN
  • See 7-Across: BUFF

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers (May 18, 2023)

  • Believer In Islamic Mysticism: SUFI
  • You Might Laugh When It’s Cracked: JOKE
  • Brit’s “My Word!”: ISAY
  • Fad Toy Of The Late ’90s: FURBY
  • App Customers: USERS
  • Brownish Photo Tint: SEPIA
  • Not Difficult: EASY
  • Pink Nintendo Character: KIRBY
  • Where To Hear An Aria: OPERA
  • Most Famous Carpenter In History: JESUS

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers (May 17, 2023)

  • “It’s C-c-c-cold”: BRR
  • Kick Starter?: KAY
  • Parent Company Of Old Navy And Banana Republic: GAP
  • Doesn’t Buy, As An Apartment: RENT
  • From An Earlier Era: RETRO
  • Loaf Around The Kitchen: BREAD
  • ___ Equis (beer Brand): DOS
  • Democrats Or Republicans: PARTY
  • Health Insurance Giant: AETNA
  • Language From Which We Get “academy” And “democracy”: GREEK

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers (May 16, 2023)

  • “What ___ Is New”: ELSE
  • First Claim: DIBS
  • Headwear For A Princess: TIARA
  • ___ Fudd, Cartoon Hunter: ELMER
  • Undo Pencil Marks: ERASE
  • Action Words: VERBS
  • It Might Have An “Unsubscribe” Button: EMAIL
  • Skip Over In Pronouncing: ELIDE
  • With 1-Down, Small Thing That Really Bothers You: PET

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers (May 15, 2023)

  • Tear To Pieces: SHRED
  • Martin Who Has Hosted “S.N.L.” 16 Times: STEVE
  • Blacksmith’s Block: ANVIL
  • Building Tops: ROOFS
  • Maker Of The Yukon And Acadia S.U.V.s: GMC
  • A Saucer Is A Round One: SLED
  • Number Of Letters In A Wordle Guess: FIVE
  • Band’s Version Of Another Band’s Song: COVER
  • It Isn’t Always Greener On The Other Side: GRASS

NYT Mini Answers May 12, 2023

  • Pad ___ (noodle dish): THAI
  • One of the rooms in Clue: HALL
  • Bad advisor on one’s shoulder: DEVIL
  • Smell really bad: REEK
  • Month when dads and grads are celebrated: JUNE
  • What Britain Brexited from: THEEU
  • Safe space: HAVEN
  • Similar: ALIKE
  • Word that can be written with three straight vertical lines: ILL
  • Basketball star Julius Erving, to fans: DRJ

NYT Mini Answers May 11, 2023

  • Walking Trail: PATH
  • ___ 500 (race): INDY
  • Competes: VIES
  • Negative Media Coverage, For Short: BADPR
  • Song From Way Back When: OLDIE
  • “___ Majesty”: HER
  • A Little Drunk: TIPSY
  • How Gratuity Might Appear On A Bill For A Large Restaurant Party: ADDED
  • Yogurt Choice: PLAIN
  • “Well, Duh!,” In Slangy Shorthand: OBVI

NYT Mini Answers May 10, 2023

  • Unjustified Absence From School: HOOKY
  • Spiral Seashell: CONCH
  • Early 2000s Fox Show With The Theme Song “California”: THEOC
  • Like A Less-than-right Angle: ACUTE
  • ___ Blue Ribbon: PABST
  • Skilled With Computers, Say: TECHY
  • Small Slice Of Apple, E.g.: STOCK
  • Good, In Spanish: BUENO
  • Sound During Pollen Season: ACHOO
  • Pirate’s Eye Cover: PATCH

NYT Mini Answers May 9, 2023

  • 4G ___ (smartphone Network Letters): LTE
  • Stuff Found In A Bun: HAIR
  • “Well, Gosh!”: GEE
  • Rapper ___ Azalea: IGGY
  • Catches On Fire: BURNS
  • Verbal Stumbles: ERS
  • Opposite Of 1-, 4- And 5-Across: TINY
  • Gigantic: LARGE
  • Gigantic: BIG

NYT Mini Answers May 8, 2023

  • Things To Count In Bed: SHEEP
  • Was Given No Choice: HADTO
  • Be Behind: TRAIL
  • Great Grade: APLUS
  • Floats Up And Down: BOBS
  • Pig Food: SLOP
  • Fancy Place To Catch A Baseball Game: SUITE
  • Part Of A Razor: BLADE
  • Major Media Mogul From Mississippi: OPRAH
  • Alternatives To Showers: BATHS

NYT Mini Answers May 6, 2023

  • Actress Lyonne of “Poker Face”: NATASHA
  • Rescued, as a pet: ADOPTED
  • Really get a move on, in slang (NY Times Crossword Clue): HAULASS
  • ___ league (amateur sports org.): REC
  • Contemplative Rodin sculpture, with “The”: THINKER
  • Severe in manner: AUSTERE
  • “Back when I was a kid …: INMYDAY
  • “Hard pass”: NAH
  • Palindromic name found in “radar”: ADA
  • Major industry in the Maldives and Bahamas: TOURISM
  • In abundance: APLENTY
  • Like an unfair deck of cards: STACKED
  • “For ___ a jolly good fellow …”: HES
  • Fast-forwarded parts of podcasts: ADS
  • ___ chi: TAI
  • Attila or one of his army members NY Times Crossword Clue: HUN
  • Period of history: ERA
  • Singer Lana Del ___: REY

NYT Mini Answers May 5, 2023

  • Jarful On A Desk: PENS
  • Works On An App: CODES
  • Kitchen Appliance: STOVE
  • When Dreams Occur During Sleep, For Short: INREM
  • Mothers Of Fawns: DOES
  • Number Of Stars In The Big Dipper: SEVEN
  • Slowly Eat Away At: ERODE
  • In First Place: ONTOP
  • Word Before “golf” Or “jockey”: DISC
  • Total Disarray: CHAOS

NYT Mini Answers May 4, 2023

  • National park freebies: MAPS
  • Hawaiian hello: ALOHA
  • Kind of bond in chemistry: IONIC
  • 12: DOZEN
  • Emoji meaning “This is awesome!”: FIRE
  • Old ___ (card game): MAID
  • Standoffish: ALOOF
  • Kind of scheme pulled by Bernie Madoff: PONZI
  • More timid: SHIER
  • Unwanted facial breakout: ACNE

These were the NYTimes Mini Crossword answers for today (May 4, 2023). Come back tomorrow for the solution of May 5, 2023 because we will keep this page updated daily.

NYT Mini Crossword Answers May 3, 2023

  • Vaccine Approver, For Short: FDA
  • No Hidin’ For Joe Biden, E.g.: RHYME
  • Squirrel’s Nut: ACORN
  • Senior Facility: DORM
  • Long-legged Wading Bird: HERON
  • Ice Cream Alternative, For Short: FROYO
  • Rebound, As Sound: ECHO
  • Like Sudoku Puzzles With Few Starting Numbers: HARD
  • Scooby-___: DOO
  • Actress Hathaway: ANNE

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After you solve the daily crossword, you will see how much time you took to get the answer. The average time to solve the NYTimes Mini Crossword depends on experience and can be around 2 minutes for veterans and 5-10 minutes for new or young solvers.

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Does the Mini Crossword get harder through the week?

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