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A Stream Come True: NVIDIA RTX Broadcast Engine Brings Twitch Livestreams to Life with AI

New SDK offers AI-powered green screen

Leading into TwitchCon – the world’s top gathering of live streamers – Nvidia is announcing the RTX Broadcast Engine, a new set of RTX-accelerated software development kits that use the AI capabilities of GeForce RTX GPUs to transform live streams.

Powered by dedicated AI processors called Tensor Cores on RTX GPUs, the new SDKs enable virtual greenscreens, style filters and augmented reality effects — the kind of techniques used by major broadcast networks – all using AI and without the need for special equipment.


Livestreaming of video games has become a cultural phenomenon. Over 750 million people around the world tune in to watch people play video games. TwitchCon is where this global movement comes together. More than 50,000 streamers and fans will converge in San Diego this weekend to meet their favorite gamers and learn about the future of live streaming.

RTX Brings AI to Livestreaming

NVIDIA GPUs are already the most popular choice to power the PC games played by streamers. They’re also used to encode and stream video to platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Huya, and Douyu.


With the RTX Broadcast Engine’s AI-powered capabilities, NVIDIA is announcing a new way that RTX GPUs can enable more immersive live stream — all without special cameras or physical props.

The new SDKs include:


  • RTX Greenscreen, to deliver real-time background removal of a webcam feed, so only your face and body show up on the Livestream. The RTX Greenscreen AI model understands which part of an image is human and which is background, so gamers get the benefits of a greenscreen without needing to buy one.
  • RTX AR, which can detect faces, track facial features such as eyes and mouth, and even model the surface of a face, enabling real-time augmented reality effects using a standard web camera. Developers can use it to create fun, engaging AR effects, such as overlaying 3D content on a face or allowing a person to control 3D characters with their face.
  • RTX Style Filters, which use an AI technique called style transfer to transform the look and feel of a webcam feed based on the style of another image. With the press of a hotkey, you can style your video feed with your favorite painting or game art.

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