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God Of War PC Not Enough Memory Fix

Trying to play God of War on your PC but unable to because you run out of Memory? Check out this guide for its fix.

God of War is now available on PC, but many players aren’t able to play it because they get an error that says not Enough memory. This is bothersome because God of War is an amazing game and was even the game of the year in 2018. So in this guide let us take a look at how to fix the not enough memory error for God of War PC.

How to Fix God of War PC Not Enough Memory error

how to fix god of war pc not enough memory error

There are many fixes that you can try to resolve this issue. You can try all of the below fixes until one works out. So without further ado let us check them.

  • Disable Integrated graphics:
    • Press the Windows key on your keyboard and search for Device Manager.
    • Next click on Display Adapters. You should get two options here.
    • One will be integrated graphics (most users should find Intel here), and the second should be your dedicated graphics card of Nvidia or AMD.
    • Right-click on your integrated graphics and choose Disable Driver.
    • Restart your PC after disabling it to ensure the effect and changes takes place.
    • After disabling the integrated graphics you should no longer face trouble playing God of War.
  • Set Task manager Priority as high: Giving God of War high priority from your Task manager might help it not get the error.
    • Launch Task Manager.
    • Click on the Details tab.
    • Here right-click on God of War and choose set priority.
    • Now from the list of options set the priority to high.
  • Change program settings to high performance:
    • Optimizing via PC settings:
      1. Open settings and search for graphics settings.
      2. Below you should find your games and other apps. If you don’t find God of War here then add it using the Browse button.
      3. Next click on God of War and select Options.
      4. It will give you Graphics preference options.
      5. Here select the High performance option and click on save.
    • Optimizing through Nvidia settings:
      1. Open Nvidia Control panel.
      2. Next select Manage 3D settings.
      3. Here choose Program Settings and select God of War as the program you wish to customize.
      4. Below change the global setting to High-performance Nvidia processor.
      5. Apply the changes.
  • Update your game: At the time of writing this article, there is a patch v1.0.1 available for God of War. You should update your game to see if not enough memory error still persists even after installing the latest patch. And if you preloaded the game and are unable to see the update, then restart Steam. Once Steam restarts you should see the new patch and be able to update the game.

These fixes should help you resolve the not enough memory error. In case you still face this problem then you could consider upgrading your system, or the other best solution would be to wait for the developers to release a fix.

That sums up this guide on how to fix the not enough memory error for God of War PC. If you are facing other issues like stutter or lag then check out our guide on how to fix God of War PC crashing.