Nobody Saves The World – Best Forms To Transform Into

Read this guide to learn all about the best forms to transform into in Nobody Saves the World.

Forms can help you upgrade and level up in Nobody Saves the World, and the best of these can allow you to transform into different characters. Knowing which of these forms (and there are many) are the best can often be easier said than done. Picking the right form can often depend on what you want to do, and which abilities you wish to unlock. For players who are new to the game, this can be way harder than it sounds. To ease this potential dilemma, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best forms you can get your hands on in Nobody Saves the World.

Best Forms in Nobody Saves the World


Bodybuilder – 5 Best Forms in Nobody Saves the World

The Bodybuilder form is one you will most probably come across early on in Nobody Saves the World. Despite this early access, the Bodybuilder form is easily one of the best forms you can get in Nobody Saves the World.

What makes the Bodybuilder one of the most-recommended forms in the game is his high strength stats. Of these, his most renowned attacks are the Flex and Bench Press. Additionally, the Bodybuilder’s passive perk makes for one of the best customs builds in the game.


The Monk is an all-rounder form that possesses insane stats. It nearly matches the Bodybuilder when it comes to strength, and also comes close to the Horse when it comes to speed.

The Monk is a form that also possesses some of the best passive & active abilities in Nobody Saves the World. Additionally, hitting the Monk can result in getting hit by lightning. Because of this, the Monk safely secures its place as one of the best forms in Nobody Saves the World.


While the theme of Nobody Saves the World, the Robot stands out as a seemingly out-of-place anomaly. However, this is not a form you should even think about ignoring. With a powerful standard attack that involves a drill punch with heavy damage, Robot is arguably one of the 5 best forms you can use in Nobody Saves the World.

In order to unlock this form, you will need a rank of C or higher with the Turtle, Monk, and Zombie forms.


The Necromancer is one of Nobody Saves the World’s highest-ranked forms. In order to get to it, you will need a rank status of C in the Rogue, Mermaid, and Ghost forms. Getting to this rank is totally worth it, especially considering how powerful the Necromancer is in the game.


Do not let the name fool you. While the Mermaid might paint a picture of a beautiful sea creature straight out of old storybooks, it is anything but pretty. The Mermaid in Nobody Saves the World is a terrifying monster form. To your relief, however, the Mermaid form more than makes up for its horrifying appearance with its abilities.

It possesses great power and versatility stats. Of these, the Water Burst is probably one of the most versatile attacks in the entire game. Its flexibility allows you to use it as either a short-distance weapon or a more powerful blast.

For best results, we recommend you use this attack with the Quick Charge and Strongman perks from Turtle and Bodybuilder respectively.

So there you have it. These are the 5 best forms in Nobody Saves the World. As you can see, each of these forms possesses the immense potential to help you enjoy the game even more. To add to this, these forms have their own unique strong points that help them stand out from each other. Regardless of whichever form you pick, you will be assured of some insane upgrades and benefits. Don’t wait any longer then. Go out there and get these forms now!

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