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What Does Stat Mean In Nioh 2 What Benefits Does Each Stat Offer

Every attributes matters

Nioh 2 has a barrage of stats that you can play around and customize your character according to the style you want, but before you do that understanding what each Stat does in the game will help you understand your character better and improve your playing style.

What Does Stat Mean In Nioh 2

Stats are your character attributes and they will largely define your playing style, investing skill points in the designated Skill stat will get you more power in that field. Having more stats in one particular aspect will surely make you stronger in that aspect but the negligence of other stats may hinder your progress.

Below are all the Skills and an explanation to what they do in Nioh 2, make sure that each Stat in Nioh 2 will directly impact your character build and will shape how you experience the game.

What Does Constitution Stat Mean

Constitution Stat will give you more life in Nioh 2, having a good amount of vitality will make sure that you do not succumb to attacks by powerful enemies that you will keep on facing in the game. Constitution Stat will also give you a much-needed resistance to Poison and Paralysis. If you have Spears, Switchglaives or Tonfas Constitution will give you a better hit rate and more attack points every time you use them.

What Does Heart Stat Mean

Having a good amount of Stats in Heart will get you more Ki, this will be of prime importance as every battle will drain your character to its limit and having more Ki will make sure that you are able to attack and dodge more often than not. Heart will also give you an increased Health bar letting you stay in the fight much longer. Heart has benefits on weapons as well with Sword, Dual Swords and Odachi giving them a buff.

What Does Courage Stat Mean

Courage just like in real life will help you eliminate fear in Nioh 2, but instead of being afraid your character will recover Ki much faster and will allow much more longevity in the main boss fights. There’s resistance to lightning as well, this will kind of make you fearless against lightning strikes or will surely reduce significant damage. Weapons like Tonfas, Axe, and Hatchets are also buffed when increasing stats in Courage.

What Does Stamina Stat Mean

Weirdly enough, Stamina does not increase your Ki but helps you increase your Life and the maximum amount of equipment that you can carry in Nioh 2. This stat becomes increasingly important as you progress in Nioh 2. Having more resources will only benefit you in the long run as you will be able to withstand much better in Nioh 2. Weapons like Odachi, Axe, and Hatchets get more buff too.

What Does Strength Stat Mean

Strength will give you more power in Nioh 2, it will also help you get an increased rate of Ki regeneration every time you use Ki Pulse. Strength like other stats helps your character’s overall attributes and will allow you to carry more weight like the Stamina Stat. Weapons like Odachi, Sword, Spears will give you more proficiency and you will get better mastery over the Dual Swords, Axe and Kusarigama.

What Does Skill Stat Mean

The main objective of contributing to Skill stat is to make sure that your Ki pulse has a better effect than before. Ki Pulse helps you get a boost of Ki immediately when triggered and this will give you more mobility and a better chance to use more items in the game. You stand to get more proficiency in Dual Swords, and Hatchets, while at the same time you will also see improvements in weapons like Sword, Spear, Kusarigama, and Switchglaive.

What Does Dexterity Mean

Dexterity depends on improving and refining your character, this means that you will have more Ninjutsu Power and more Ninjutsu Capacity, making you a better Ninja as is the premise of the game. Being a better ninja also offers resistance against elements like Poison and Paralysis, making it that difficult to take you down. You will have a better proficiency while using the Kusarigama and will slightly improve your skills when using the Tonfas.

What Does Magic Mean

If you want to base your character on using a ton of spells then investing in Magic is of prime importance, having more options will certainly help you in the long run while investing in Magic will also get you to use fascinating spells that will surely turn the fight in your favor or save you when needed. Investing in Magic will get you an increased capacity in Onmyo Power, and Onmyo Capacity while you will also get extreme proficiency with the Switchglaive.

This is all there is to know about all the stats in Nioh 2, make sure that you check out how to defeat Mumyo in Nioh 2.