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Early Test Footage Of Nioh 2 Has Been Leaked And It Looks Amazing

The latest game to be a victim of an early leak is Nioh 2, the game has been developed for quite some time and it’s alpha test got underway yesterday, but almost 4-hour footage of the game has been leaked on YouTube.

YouTube user Shirrako, has uploaded two videos of early footage of the game and we can get to see how the game pans out. By the looks of it, the game looks absolutely fantastic, though it is still too early to judge as there will be tons of changes made before release.


Though we didn’t get to check every minute of the action, whatever little we saw seemed impressive and the game at times evokes memories of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

The release date isn’t officially unveiled but taking into consideration of how the game is running in the test footage without any hiccups we can hope for a release this year.

The game looks incredibly impressive with larger than life demons and elements that you will have to face, we’ll keep updating about this as and when we have more information that we can share.


This Koei Tecmo game seems to be going on the right patch and you can check out both the two-hour videos below.