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Nintendo Switch Will Defeat PS5 in Holiday 2020, Analyst Predicts

An analyst predicts that Nintendo Switch “will crush PS5” in holiday sales.

As we all know, the next-gen console of Sony, PS5, will no doubt come out any later than the end of the year, although at the moment neither the release date nor the price of the two versions (the PS5 Digital Edition) that will be made available is still not known yet.


For the time called, the new next-gen console of Sony will not be able – before Christmas (let’s say and predicted) – to make the numbers of another direct competitor. What about the owners of the hybrid console? Let’s talk about the good old Nintendo Switch (indirectly switching from consoles war).

According to an analyst from the company Ace Sec, it has been revealed that sales of the hybrid console of Nintendo Switch will defeat those of PS5. Infact, what the analyst suggests, it is not clear if the forecast refers only to the Japanese market, or to the world sales of the two consoles.

It must be emphasized that Nintendo has not particularly suffered from the economic crisis linked to the coronavirus, given that the request for Nintendo Switch has skyrocketed precisely in times of pandemic (also due to the forced confinement of a large number of people and to games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons).


Within this all brackets, there is the well known Xbox Series X to be considered, with the probability that the new Microsoft console can counteract the sales at the end of the year. But not only that, according to reports some big media unveiled that Sony expects astronomical numbers for the PS5, capable of doing better in less time than what PS4 has done to date.

In all senses, we will have to wait for the consumer response to the debut of the new console. Stubbornly saying and true to the fact, right now it is a really difficult choice to make concrete assumptions about what awaits us at the end of 2020.