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Nintendo Confirms Additional 140,000 Accounts Accessed Maliciously

During the month of April this year, multiple Nintendo Switch users reported attacks on their Nintendo accounts. Unfortunately, the situation affected about 160,000 users, whose personal and bank details were compromised.

Nintendo soon began an investigation and took special security measures to protect the data of its users. In the meantime, the Japanese company recommended activating the 2-step verification and made its customer service available to players.

Today it seems that the problem is not yet over, as Nintendo confirmed recently that “approximately 140,000 additional NNIDs that may have been accessed maliciously.” With the updated figures, at least 300,000 Nintendo accounts have registered unauthorized access. The company confirmed that this represents less than 1% of all Nintendo Network ID users.

The company is doing everything possible to resolve the issue and prevent players from falling victim to this vulnerability. Previously, it disabled account access through Nintendo Network ID. Now, the company again asked players to activate 2-step verification.

Additionally, affected individuals have already been contacted by Nintendo and have been reimbursed for unauthorized purchases recorded in their payment methods. The company has assured that most users have already received a refund.

Likewise, the Japanese company has promised to continue working to prevent other accounts from being violated and to support affected players who have not yet received advice in this regard. In case you do not remember, part of the violated accounts had linked bank details, which was exploited by hackers.

For all the above reasons, it is essential that you protect yourself from possible hacking, since they have been registered in countries in all regions.