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What Are Ranks In Ninjala And How To Get Them

Ranks in Ninjala help to determine your prowess as a ninja, the better the rank the powerful and skilled ninja. Check out how to get a higher rank here

Ranks in Ninjala are used to show how powerful and good you are in the game, if you are one of the best in the game, a rank will show that to everyone who is checking up on you. Not only does this give you automatic bragging rights but it feels good to achieve something. If you wish to know about all the ranks in Ninjala, check this guide out.

What Are Ranks In Ninjala And How Do They Work

Ranks in Ninjala basically work like in other battle royale games off late, a special badge is given to the character that you can proudly show off in your lobby and during matches. These ranks have to be achieved and your actions determine which rank you will get.

There is a hierarchy of ranks and each time you level up and get better in the game, you will keep climbing this progressive chart.

Ranks also help show players caliber and if you are looking for teammates whom you can trust, check out for someone who is a high-rank player.

Below are the rank tiers in Ninjala:

Ninja God
Ninja Legend
Super Ninja
Master Ninja
Elite Ninja
Vanguard Ninja
Adept Ninja

You start off as an apprentice in Ninjala and this is given to everyone who first gets into the game, as you earn more EXP you will level up and this will soon give you a higher rank.

To keep climbing all you have to do is make sure that each match there is significant progress made by you, this is easier said than done.

For each milestone you reach, you will also be rewarded with a special commemorative sticker. Your battle statistics heavily influence your rank so make sure that you make your presence felt in the game.

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