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How To Use Multiplayer Matches In Ninjala

Ninjala offers two different multiplayer options to and they are Ranked and Free. Check out how you can use both these matches to become the best ninja

Ninjala has a multiplayer mode which you can use in two different ways, you can bring in your friends with you or match up with random players online who share the same interest if you want to learn more about the multiplayer mode in Ninjala check this guide out.

How To Use Multiplayer Matches In Ninjala

The best thing about being a Ninja isn’t the fact that you have to go do things on your own all the time, there are steps in becoming a powerful ninja and you will have to hone your skills to be one.

There are two types of matches in Ninjala, one if the Free Match and the second in Ranked Matches. Both are interesting and important in becoming a Ninja.

What Are Free Matches In Ninjala

Free Matches in Ninjala are matches that anyone can get into, irrespective of their level, rank, and other attributes. Free matches offer up a place where players can practice their skills and then dominate later on when it counts.

You should check out free matches to get used to the gameplay, the pacing of the game, and overall feel. Check out places where you think you can dominate, learn about the map, and more.

You never know who you will come up against in free matches and there is a lot that you can learn in Ninjala’s free matches. Make sure you check out the free matches if you are new to the game.

What Are Ranked Matches In Ninjala

Ranked Matches have a direct effect on your rank, your performance in each match will determine how many points you earn or lose, and depending on that you will be matched with similar level players making the game fair for everyone.

Ranked matches are great if you are done with the basic tutorials and are now looking forward to becoming the best Ninja there is.

Put yourself to the limits and challenge the best ninja’s in the world by climbing up the ranked charts in Ninjala.

You can check out more about Ninjala’s Ranking system right here.

This is all there is to know about how to play with friends in Nijala. Make sure to check out other guides and be the best ninja out there.