How To Get Ninja Sword Monster In Hunter Rise (MHR)

Get the ultimate weapon of the new MHR Ver 2 - The Ninja Sword.

The warrior in you will be ecstatic when you find out about the Ninja Sword in Monster Hunter Rise if you haven’t already found this gem that is. This Ninja Sword is a part of the new MHR Ver 2.0 update along with various other additions. The blade is so sought after is because it comes with a 100% Affinity when upgraded to the Hi Ninja Sword. The base blade has a 50% Affinity. So in this guide, we will help you to get the Ninja Sword in Monster Hunter Rise and what items are needed to craft it.

How to Get the Ninja Sword in Monster Hunter Rise?

Ninja Sword Monster Hunter Rise
Kagero The Merchant in the Market location will give you a quest to complete called Kagero’s Trial. Completing this quest would require you to capture a Magnamalo which will get you the Ninja Blade blueprint as a reward. Simply head over to the Smithy and the sword will be a part o your Guild tree.

How to Craft the Ninja Sword in MHR?

Ninja Sword Build

These are the materials that you would need to craft the Ninja Sword in Monster Hunter Rise:

  • Kamura Ticket x3
  • Elder Dragon Blood x1
  • Magnamalo Scute+ x2
  • Bazelgeuse Wing x2
  • 45000z

Kamura Tickets are a reward by Fugen the Elder in Kamura Village for completing his requests.
Elder Dragon Blood will be dropped by monsters like Chameleos, Kushala Daora, Teostra, and Thunder Serpent Narwa.
Magnamalo Scute will be available from the quest that you initially got the blueprint from.
Bazelgeuse monster is also a part of the new update. You can get the Bazelgeuse Wing by Target, Capture, or Break Wing.

As you can see the materials will be available with a little bit of grinding from your part. But this weapon will surely prove to be the ultimate weapon that you will craft. It is a dream come true for all our sword and shield peeps out there. So that is all for our guide on how to get the Ninja Sword in Monster Hunter Rise. If you would like to know How To Get 100% Affinity In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR), check out our guide on that too.