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Nifflers & Niffler Fur Locations In Hogwarts Legacy: Where To Find

Take a look at the locations to find the Nifflers and get Niffler Fur in Hogwarts Legacy easily.

In Hogwarts Legacy, players will come across a need to find Nifflers & Niffler Fur. For those who are unaware, these furry magical beasts are very mischievous and are fond of collecting shiny things. However, they serve the purpose of getting tamed and providing their fur, in the game. This fur will help you get upgrades and assign traits to gears. If you are already on the hunt to find Nifflers but are unable to track them down in this wizarding world, then we’re here to help. Below we have mentioned all the locations of their den so you can rescue them easily.

How to Get Nifflers & Niffler Fur In Hogwarts Legacy? (Locations)

How to catch & Get Niffler Fur in Hogwarts Legacy Wizarding World
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In Hogwarts Legacy, players can find Nifflers to get Niffler fur by heading to their den scattered around the map. Before you dive into the locations make sure you have completed The Elf, the Nab Sack, and the Loom quest. Doing so will unlock the Vivarium in the Room of Requirements where you can increase your friendship with the beasts. And the quest will also reward you with a Nab Sack, that’ll help you catch these furry mischievous Nifflers. So without any further ado let’s dive right into it.

Nifflers Den Locations

Nifflers & Niffler Fur Locations In Hogwarts Legacy
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Here are the Den locations, where you’ll find the Nifflers easily. As mentioned earlier, before you head there, make sure you have the Nab Sack or else you won’t be able to catch them.

  1. The first den is located in the southeast direction of the Feldcroft region.
  2. Another den is located on the very top of North Ford Bog.
  3. Players can also take a look at the Manor Cape region for the Nifflers Den.
  4. One more den can be found in the southeast of Cragcroftshire.
  5. You can also visit the southeast of Coastal Cavern to find the den.
  6. Last but not least, in the east direction of the Keenbridge you’ll come across another Nifflers Den.

We will keep updating this section if new dens come to light. For those who are unaware, the beast’s dens are indicated by Paw symbols on the map. As we are done with the Nifflers location, let’s take a look at how you can get the Niffler fur in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Catch Niffler & Get Fur in Wizarding World?

Niffler Fur Locations In Hogwarts Legacy

To get the Niffler Fur you’ll first need to catch the Nifflers. And for that attend Professor Howin’s Beast Class and don’t forget to carry the Nab Sack.

  • As soon as you spot the mischievous beast aim the charmed bag at the beast and that’ll do the trick.
  • After rescuing the Niffler take it to the Vivarium in the Room of Requirements.
  • And there, set the furry animal free.
  • Once you do, simply start taking care of it by feeding and petting it.
  • Doing so will get you the Fur you are looking for.

That sums up all about the den locations to find Nifflers to get Niffler Fur in Hogwarts Legacy. While you are here take a look at the list of Beast you’ll get to see in the game. Also, check out Harry Potter PlayStation games so far.