Nier Replicant: What Is The Unknown Item?

Even though the name doesn’t help much, let’s see what the Unknown Item is in Nier Replicant

Playing Nier Replicant for the past few days would have made you tired of these Side Quests. That is where we step in to help you by making some quests easier for you. One such quest is the “Item Unknown” quest. Like its name, the quest itself will make you scratch your head. The quest is not long like others but only if you solve the riddle. The Nier franchise is famous for its riddles and this one lives up to its name. Let’s see what the Unknown Item is in Nier Replicant.

Where To Find The Unknown Item In Nier Replicant?

Nier Replicant Unknown Item

You will unlock the “Item Unknown” quest by talking to the masked person outside the Mansion. The masked person will tell you about her daughter’s birthday and how she wants some item for it. She isn’t allowed to go buy it herself or tell you the name of the item also. This is what makes the quest tricky. You don’t even know what you have to find. We have made it easier for you, the item is Watermelon. The Masked lady tells you to get something round with stripes. Watermelon meets the criteria and can be found easily. Go to the nearest store and you can find Watermelon there.

Remember to buy 10 watermelons and once you have bought them give them to the masked lady. She will get very happy and reward you with 3000 gold. This quest will be a negative transaction for you as you will have to pay 8000 gold for the Watermelon for a 3000 gold reward. We would still advise you to complete the quest as it is necessary to do so to progress further in the game.

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