Nier Replicant: How To Get To The Junk Heap

Here’s how you can get to the Junk Heap in Nier Replicant.

Nier Replicant adds a lot to the previous game from Side quests to villages. Junk Heap was in the previous version as well but this time there are more quests around it. With more locations added to the landscape, commuting becomes very crucial in Nier Replicant. The fact that you have to unlock fast traveling by completing a side quest proves how vast the locations are in the game. Junk heap is an important location in the game so let’s see how you can reach there.

How To Get To Junk Heap Location In Nier Replicant?

Nier Replicant Junk heap location
Junk Heap is far from the Village, to get there go to the Northern plains and keep going towards the north. You will see the Iron bridge, try climbing the wooden structure adjacent to the Iron bridge. Once at the Iron Bridge turn left and follow the tracks which will lead you to a door, head to the door, and press the button shown on the screen to open it. After entering you might have to go straight or go left as per the quest requirements.

Junk heap is a big area which you will explore while completing various quests. To get to the Junk heap you have to cross a large chunk of the Northern plains. Once you have unlocked the boar riding skills, they will come in handy to zoom through the Northern plains. Remember Northern plains are full of small shades so be ready to fight your way through. The Junk heap has multiple floors and an elevator to get to all of them. Junk heap is full of different types of robots so be very alert while exploring it. With a variety of robots, the Junk heap is also the place you should go to collect rare resources like the Dented Metal bat or the Broken Batteries.

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