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Nier Replicant: How To Get Giant Eggs?

Here’s everything you need to know about Giant eggs in Nier Replicant.

Action games like Nier Replicant often put your combat skills to test. While you might be trying to get better at using weapons, there’s a chance that you will still get stuck at some quest. This is because you might have neglected weapons upgrades. Giant eggs are one such resource that is neglected but difficult to find when needed. They can be used to upgrade weapons in part 2 of the game. Read further to know how you can get Giant eggs in Nier Replicant.

How To Get Giant Eggs In Nier Replicant?


Nier Replicant Giant eggs location

Giant eggs can be found in the home village that is the Nier’s village. Although we know the location getting the exact spots is very difficult as they spawn very randomly. You will see many shiny spots on the map when you are at the home village and unfortunately you will have to check all of them. Some players have found Giant eggs in both parts of the game, but they are most probable to spawn in part 2 of Nier Replicant. We found some at the gate of the seafront and one at the fountain in the village. Players can try to look at these places but if you aren’t that lucky, you can always go out and re-enter the village to get more items.

One of the major use of Giant eggs is to upgrade the Phoenix dagger. The Phoenix dagger is one of the strongest weapons in the game, you unlock it in Part 2 of the game. The difficulty curve gets steeper towards the end so upgrading weapons becomes very important. You will need giant eggs towards the end of the game. This is why it is advised to start collecting them whenever you can find one as you won’t have enough time to scout the whole village during the final quests of the game.


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