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How To Get Eggplant In Nier Replicant Easily

These are the ways to obtain Eggplant easily.

Eggplant is one of the items that you will be searching for in the Damaged map quest. As it is for most other resources, it is not that clear where you should be looking for it. Can you buy it or get it in some other manner? Look no further. In this guide, I will explain how to get Eggplant in Nier Replicant easily.

How To Get Eggplant In Nier Replicant


You can obtain Eggplant in Nier Replicant by purchasing it with Gold (the fastest way) or growing it with the help of Eggplant seeds and Fertilizer. To buy them and save time, you can visit the Grocery Store in Nier’s village. This little shop has this item on sale for 400 Gold each which can be quite expensive if you don’t have enough money. You can get a discount, though, if you have complete the quest named A Child’s Last Chance. The price will go down to 320 Gold. In case you are short on funds, we’ve got a guide on how to make more money that you can check out to some extra ways to get rich.

Eggplant In Nier Replicant

If you are interested in growing Eggplants, then you need to also do some purchasing as well. Get the Eggplant seeds from the Seed merchant located in Nier’s village for this purpose. You will have to shell out 40 Gold for one Eggplant Seed.


Although purchasing is the quicker option, you can also use a Speed Fertilizer if you want to farm and do it fast. This item can be bought from the Item Merchant located in the Seafront.

This is all about how to get Eggplant in Nier Replicant. Similar to this resource, we’ve covered a lot of other guides about other materials and fishes to catch. Head over to our Nier Replicant guides on Gamer Tweak to get all the info!