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Nier Replicant: How To Get Amber?

Here’s how you can get Amber in your inventory in Nier Replicant

Upgrading weapons in Nier Replicant isn’t as easy as other games. You need to find specific resources to upgrade certain weapons. One such resource is Amber, which is used to upgrade a variety of weapons. It is a rare resource so let’s see how you can get Amber in Nier Replicant.

How To Get Amber In Nier Replicant?


Nier Replicant Amber location
Junk heap is the hub for resources related to weapon upgrades and Amber is no different. Even though you know the location getting it isn’t a piece of cake. Unlike other items, Amber is only found at Junk heap and its drop frequency is very low. Once you enter the Junk heap go forward and climb the ladder. After climbing the ladder take a left and keep going forward, you will have to go through 2 big gates which will lead you to the elevator. Go to floor B2 using the elevator and you will see some robots charging at you. These robots will drop Amber, so make sure you destroy all of them. We would advise you to break all the big wooden boxes on your way as there is some probability of finding Amber under them.

Amber has low drop frequency which is why you might find only 1 Amber or sometimes even none at level B2. Players can always go back and re-enter the floor, allowing the resources and the robots to re-spawn. Amber can also be bought at Façade Materials shop, it will cost you 6000 gold per Amber. We would recommend you to go through the Junk heap, but if you have gold to spare, you can always go buy some Amber. Amber is used for upgrading weapons like the Phoenix dagger and the Vile axe so you might want to start collecting it soon.