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Valorant Night Market: When Is It Next & Dates (September 2022)

Here is everything that you should know about the next Night Market in Valorant.

Many Valorant players are excited for the Night Market and want to know the dates for when the next one is. The reason players are eager for it is because it gives them the chance to get good skins at a cheaper price than usual. So in this guide let us check the dates when the next Night Market is in Valorant for 2022.

When is the Next Night Market in Valorant?

when is the next night market in valorant

The next Night Market is going to start on 28th September 2022 and will end on 11th October 2022. While these dates are not exactly official they are closest to the official dates as they have been revealed by Valor Leaks on Twitter.

And the leaks by Valor Leaks so far have always been correct. So it is only a matter of time till Valorant reveals the dates officially.

What is Night Market & Why you Should be Excited?

Night market in Valorant is similar to the store that players use to purchase gun and knife skins. What makes Night Market different is the discount it gives on the weapon skins. At the store, you can buy the weapons and knives for their actual prize and in bundles. But that isn’t the case with the Night Market. This is because here you get random weapons at a good discount.

So if you are someone who is looking to buy skins in the game you should wait for the Night Market. But there is a problem with it, you may or may not get the skin you were waiting for. In the Night Market there are always 5 gun skins and 1 knife skin. But you could also get 2 knives and 4 gun skins. These are the skins that can appear in Night Market:

  • Select Edition
    • Convex
    • Endeavour
    • Galleria
    • Infantry
    • Luxe
    • Prism II
    • Rush
    • Sensation
    • Smite
  • Deluxe Edition
    • Aristocrat
    • Avalanche
    • Horizon
    • Minima
    • Nunca Olvidados
    • Prism
    • Sakura
    • Silvanus
    • Snowfall
    • Team Ace
    • Tigris
    • Titanmail
    • Wasteland
    • Winterwunderland
  • Premium Edition
    • Celestial
    • Doodle Buds
    • Ego
    • Forsaken
    • Gaia’s Vengeance
    • Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster
    • Ion
    • Magepunk
    • Nebula
    • Neptune
    • Oni
    • Origin
    • Prime
    • Prime//2.0
    • Radiant Crisis 001
    • Reaver
    • Recon
    • Sovereign
    • Spline
    • Tethered Realms
    • Undercity
    • VALORANT Go! Vol. 1
    • VALORANT Go! Vol. 2
    • Xenohunter

That covers this guide on the dates for when the next Night Market is in Valorant for 2022. I suggest you also check our other Valorant guides to learn about more topics like how to get Spectre skins, lingo meanings, and more.