NT Valorant Meaning & More: Terms, Abbreviations & In-Game Comms

Here's a guide on the Lingo used in Valorant that you should be aware of.

While playing Valorant, there are multiple terms that you will come across like “NT”, but what is the meaning of this Valorant abbreviation? If you are unaware of this one (and many other gaming terms), do not worry as this guide is for you. Here we will explain the meanings of the Valorant Lingo and common Abbreviations & Terminology that you will come across.

Valorant Abbreviations & Terms Meaning Explained

Valorant Lingo Terminology and Abbreviations

Even a veteran gamer might forget some terminology used across various games. That is how far and spread the gaming Lingo is. We have listed below the common Lingo, Abbreviations, and Terminology that you should know in the community. Here are the Lingo, Abbreviations, and Terminology in Valorant:

  • NT: Refers to Nice try.
  • GT: Refers to Good Try.
  • ADS: Refers to Aim down sights.
  • Bunnyhop: Refers to a movement technique that involves alternating jumps and air strafes for fast traversal.
  • Camp: Refers to holding an area defensively.
  • Cubby: Refers to deep corners that players can camp in.
  • Dink: Refers to headshots.
  • Flick: Refers to moving your crosshair quickly and shooting.
  • Flank: Refers to sneaking behind a player to catch them off guard.
  • Frag: Refers to kills.
  • Top Frag: Refers to having the most kills in a match.
  • Bottom Frag: Refers to having the lowest kills in a match.
  • Jiggle peek: Refers to quickly moving in and out of cover to gain information.
  • Lit/One Shot: Refers to a target that is low on health.
  • GG: Refers to a Good Game.
  • Ace: Refers to a single player taking out all five enemy players.
  • Team Ace: Refers to everyone on your team getting one kill each and 0 deaths are recorded in a round.
  • Flawless: Refers to your team taking out enemy team without suffering casualties.
  • Line Up: Refers to a positioning set up that guarantees that your ability will land in a certain way.
  • Eco Round: Refers to a call to save currency during the buy phase.
  • Bomb/Spike: Refers to a call to plant the spike.
  • TP: Refers to Teleport
  • Wallhack: Refers to a call to alert teammates of wallhack abilities.
  • Stack: Refers to a call to group up in a single location.
  • Stick: Refers to a call to play the objective instead of chasing kills.
  • Spawn: Refers to your team’s starting area.
  • Roomba: Refers to a term of Raze’s Boombot ability.
  • Rez: Refers to a call for Sage players to use their Ressurection ability.
  • Molly: Refers to any ability with an AoE.
  • Drop: Refers to teammates asking for weapons during the buy phase.

That’s all there is on the Abbreviation and Terminology in Valorant Lingo especially the most common one – what does NT mean in Valorant. While you are here, make sure you check out our Valorant guides for more content with Gamer Tweak.