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Newbie Life Idle RPG Heroes Tier List (September 2023)

Here are all the best Newbie Life Idle RPG characters you should have on your team.

Not sure which heroes are worth investing in? This Newbie Life Idle RPG tier list will help you. So escape from the mundane life and become part of this idle fantasy. Select the best party members who can accompany you on your journey. Face World Bosses, finish Tower of Trails, and take down your opponents in Arena by becoming the top adventurer, with the help of our listed characters. They are the best companions you could take with you while exploring the story & world. They keep increasing your power even when you are offline. So selecting those who can bring the most is also crucial. Read along to learn about the best Newbie Life heroes.

Best Newbie Life Idle RPG Characters Tier List (September 2023)

Newbie Life Idle RPG Heroes Tier List

Here we have divided the tier list into 6 sections: S+, S, A+, A, B, and C. S+ characters are the strongest heroes with the Best CP, Grade, elemental, and class use. S tier heroes are the second-best choice for defense, attack, and support. A+ characters are also capable of handling strong enemies and bosses. While A-tier characters are the good ones, B are decent.  And lastly, C is the weakest in all specs. Since now you know about the division, let us explore the Newbie Life Idle RPG tier list:

S+ Tier Characters

  • Arkle Bell: Support, Light
  • Aligos PetitChep: Magic, Fire
  • Tristepan: Support, Water
  • Fluffball: Magic, Nature
    Lambda: Tank, Nature
  • DuyeopLee: Tank, Dark
  • Altaray: Assassin, Water
  • Madness: Rush, Water

S Tier Characters

  • Mariserine: Ranger, Light
  • SeahHan: Support, Light
  • Wrath: Rush, Fire
  • CloudstarCookie: Magic, Light
  • DarkWarriorKang: Magic, Dark
  • Anton Posco: Magic, Fire
  • Aligus PetitChep: Magic, Nature
  • Ziperry: Magic, Dark

A+ Tier Characters

  • RaspberryPangPang: Rush, Fire
  • 97DogyunKim: Assassin, Nature
  • Deeew: Assassin, Fire
  • Evian: Magic, Water
  • AbsoluteMagician: Magic, Water
  • CoW: Tank, Water
  • FivetotheFifth: Magic, Fire
  • DeEr: Tank, Nature

A Tier Characters

  • Dark Magician: Support, Fire
  • Dinoman: Rush, Nature
  • Pirim: Magic, Light
  • TMImaster: Ranger, Water
  • Matair: Assassin, Fire
  • YerimiKing: Support, Nature
  • Meisia: Support, Water
  • Lunaku: Rush, Water
  • ElectricPad: Magic, Ligh

B Tier Characters

  • Balkin: Tank, Water
  • Yomiyang: Assassin, Fire
  • BlackGhostship: Assassin, Dark
  • ThickHair_Swordsman: Rush, Nature
  • SeungJoonLee: Support, Nature
  • BrownMary: Ranger, Nature
  • Ferghuson: Tank, Fire

C Tier Characters

  • Pandaring: Magic, Water
  • Etolo: Support, Fire
  • Xiangling: Support, Water

With this, we wrap our Newbie Life Idle RPG tier list. If you found this useful and are looking for more Idle RPG games, then check out our mobile guides. Also, check the character, weapons, and skill tiers for those games with our tier list.