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New World Weaponsmithing Leveling: How To Level Up Fast?

Find out more about the Weaponsmithing Leveling in New World.

The Weaponsmithing skill will help you with leveling up your weapons in New World. Upgrading weapons is a handy skill to learn in the game. It falls under the category of a Crafting Trade Skill in the game. These are the types of non-combat skills in the game that help you level up in the game. Now, scroll down and find out how to use the Weaponsmithing skill.

How to use the Weaponsmithing Leveling skill in New World?

New World Weaponsmithing Leveling: Materials And Upgrading Weapons

Weaponsmithing is a crafting skill that will allow you to craft Melee Weapons. To do this you will have to use all the resources and materials that you get from gathering and refining various lines. As you get to higher levels in the game, you will be able to get better weapons.

If you want to level up faster in the game, you will have to build weapons with higher Gear Scores. This will increase their chances of adding Perks and Gem Sockets. Doing so will also unlock better recipes.

To level up fast in the game, you can use the following tips and tricks:

  • In Level 0-50 craft 15 Iron Great Axe and 228 Weak Honing Stone.
  • Between Level 50-100 make 33 x Earthen Smasher / Earth Battered Axe and 742 x Common Honing Stone
  • For Level 100-150 make 1,984 x Iron Great Axe / Iron War Hammer.
  • Now, for leveling up in New World Weaponsmithing between 150 -200 craft 6,763 x Iron Great Axe / Iron War Hammer.

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This is the fastest possible way by which you can get to the top of the Weaponsmithing skill in the game. It is also the method that is the easiest and uses the least amount of resources.

This is everything you need to know about Weaponsmithing Leveling in New World. While you are here you can also have a look at How To Mute Chat, Report & Block Players In New World.