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New World Furnishing Leveling Guide: How To Level Up Skill Fast?

Find out how to level up the Furnishing skill quickly.

Leveling up in the Furnishing Skill in New World will allow you to craft better items. This is a skill that is related to all the furniture that you can build in the game. Even the most stoic of barbarians do need a comfortable home to live in. So, scroll down and find out how to level up the Furnishing Skill.

How to use the Furnishing Leveling skill in New World?

New World Furnishing Leveling: How To Level Up Skill Fast?

To level up the Furnishing Skill fast you will have to do the following:

  • In between Level 0-50, you will have to craft 156 units of Warm Iron Sconce or 156 units of Rusty Iron Lantern.
  • Between Level 50-100 make 1054 units of Warm Iron Sconce and 1881 units of Maple Stain.
  • In between Level 100-150 you will have to craft 627 units of Minor Corrupted Combat Trophy or 627 units of Minor Angry Earth Combat Trophy.
  • Now, for leveling up in New World Furnishing between 150 -200 you will have to craft 1067 units of the Oval Cerulean Rug.

The best part about leveling up this skill is the ability to craft better items as you reach higher levels. However, getting to the top levels will require a lot of resources. In such times it is better to get to the higher levels as quickly as possible. To do so you need to follow the recipes mentioned above. This is because these recipes will get you huge amounts of XP while using up the least amount of resources.

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