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New Pokemon Snap Whirlpool Blastoff Request Guide

How to complete the whirlpool blastoff request In Pokemon Snap

To advance further in Pokemon Snap you have to explore the region thoroughly. The game is designed in a way that new courses will help you explore the place deeply and unlock the next region. One such quest is the Whirlpool blastoff request where you have to click a specific photo at the whirlpool to complete the course. Players can find the whirlpool at the Maricopia reef, some might have even crossed it but the quest isn’t a piece of cake. Let’s see how you can complete the whirlpool blastoff request in New Pokemon Snap.

How To Complete Whirlpool Blastoff Request In New Pokemon Snap?


The whirlpool is located at the Maricopia islands. Players can unlock the Maricopia islands after completing the night level of the Jungle. While this is not the main course, it is important keeping in mind the expedition points you get. When you first go around the whirlpool you only see a Magikarp, that’s not it as many Pokemons are hiding under the whirlpool. Once you are closer to the whirlpool throw illumina orbs at it, when you throw seven or more illumine orbs you will see a Blastoise jump out of the whirlpool. Players will not have much time so keep your cameras ready as the Blastoise will use its jets and fly-off. There will be a small window before it uses its jets, that is your time to shine.

This course can be done at level 1 itself so you won’t have to spend your time gaining expedition points. Players can come back here after they have reached research level 2 as they can better pictures this time. When you reach level 2 the Blastoise will also do a spin after he jumps out of the water, this will help you in getting that 4-star picture.

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