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New Pokemon Snap: How To Get Behind Waterfall?

Let’s see how you can get behind the Waterfall in New Pokemon Snap

Pokemon snap is divided into certain islands and each quest will have lead you to explore one of them. The Jungle Island is one such level, players do find it difficult to explore behind the waterfall in the jungle level. Let’s see how to get behind the Waterfall in New Pokemon Snap.

How To Go Behind The Waterfall In New Pokemon Snap?


Pokemon snap Waterfall behind
The problem in reaching behind the waterfall is the Liepard who is blocking the way. Players can’t jump over Pokemons in the game so you will have to find a way to move it. When reaching towards the Liepard play music to scare away the birds. You can play music by clicking on the music icon on the bottom left of the screen. After the birds are gone try taking a picture of the Liepard. This will scare him away, clearing your path. After Scaring away the pokemon, run a scan which will now show you 2 directions, choose to turn left and you’ll be able to go behind the waterfall.

While this was how you can get behind the waterfall in New Pokemon Snap at night, to reach behind it during the day is slightly different. During the day there won’t be any birds around it. Go near the Liepard and throw an orb at it and when it stands up play the music. You will see it moving away and clearing the route. After the path is clear try scanning it and you will be able to go behind the waterfall. Players might face some issues moving it during the day, Try throwing the orb before the Liepard has slept and preferably when standing. Another point to keep in mind is keeping the lens at the Liepard and playing the music immediately after throwing the orb. Timing is the key to get behind the waterfall so be very quick.

That’s all for this guide on how to get behind waterfall in New Pokemon Snap. Do check out our article to know if there is a multiplayer option in Pokemon Snap.