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New Pokemon Snap: Is It Multiplayer?

Let’s see if you can explore the world of New Pokemon Snap in Multiplayer mode

Bandai Namco is back with another Pokemon game, but this one is different. Pokemon Snap allows you to explore the world of Pokemon through a lens as the game revolves around clicking photos. Like Ash had his friends along with him, let’s see if New Pokemon snap has a multiplayer option enabling you to explore this game with your friends.

Is New Pokemon Snap Multiplayer?


Pokemon Snap Multiplayer
Sadly, there isn’t a multiplayer option in Pokemon snap. Some quests will make you navigate through various villages and lakes, Unfortunately, you’ll have to do this alone. There is a social aspect to Pokemon snap that will give you the feel of multiplayer. Players can share their snaps on their Instagram and Twitter handles. This will let you flex your photography skills, at least the in-game photography skills. Pokemon snap takes inspiration from the ’99 version of the same name, it builds a lot on it in terms of graphics and just the beautiful world they have crafted. The previous version didn’t have a multiplayer because of the technological restrictions, but this one decided to stick to that for reasons unknown.

While adventure is a major part of any Pokemon game, Snap took that part and made a whole new game around it. Although you are enjoying the cute Pokemons and lush green landscapes, the quests don’t seem to add many thrills to it. Pokemon Snap is one of those anti-anxiety games which you play just to slow down things and it does a good job of giving you a peaceful experience. The game focuses on photography which is why you get multiple options to edit your photo and make it better. If you just want to stroll through the world of Pokemon sightseeing and clicking photos, this is the one for you. Without a doubt, this is the most visually stunning Pokemon game we have seen in years.

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